• Government Propaganda, or any propaganda, is harmful and immoral.

    Government propaganda exists for the sake of what is essentially mass brainwashing. If a government wants to ensure that the general public is on their side when they are about to take radical action in one form or another, they release propaganda painting the nation's politicians in a positive light. Propaganda often appeals to nationalism, encouraging patriotism, especially at the expense of a perceived foreign threat. This happens often in America today to prevent the populace from becoming angry about the War on Terror.

  • Government Propoganda is very immoral

    Government propoganda is very immoral because it can promote misconceptions and false beliefs by citizens. Propoganda techniques like name calling can harm a person's status in a society. Propoganda techniques used by the Government can make connections to issues that are not related to each other and convince the public that actions need to be made based on these connections. It is immoral to provide a false view when there is evidence to the contrary and this is how propoganda tends to work in the Government.

  • The government is propaganda

    The government is in the business of putting out propaganda. The government is interested in promoting their cause and they do not like it when people and the news media talk critical about the programs. That is the nature of the beast and the politicians and pencil pushers can not help but do it.

  • It is the enemy of democracy.

    I think government propaganda is immoral. The job of government is to reflect and act upon the views and will of the people. Propaganda is the opposite of this. It is basically the government attempting to tell the people what to think and to change their views to that of the leaders of the Government. This is not democracy.

  • Yes, I think that Government propaganda is very immoral.

    I don't agree with Government propaganda on any level, I don't feel it should be the job of the Government to actively try to get their citizens to fit a certain mindset by brainwashing them with news articles and television programs trying to drill messages into their head, I think a Government that has to resort to propaganda is a very dangerous Government.

  • It Is A Fact of Life

    Even the most benign and benevolent governments engage is propaganda. There is nothing that can be done to change that. It is a simple fact of life. You will always have a government's official opinion, and you will always have publicity campaigns that tow the government's pint of view. You can't get rid of that.

  • Many were true.

    Propaganda isn't always immoral. In fact, it actually told the horrible truth before people went to look for evidence. Take an American piece of propaganda from WWII. It's a wanted poster which has a Japanese soldier, and says: "Wanted: For Muder, Barbarianism, and Cruelty". The poster was right. Japanese soldiers were responsible for killing many American POW's in the Bataan hunger march, Pearl Harbor, using Asians for experiments (Like the Nazis) , and using civilians as prostitutes. Similar propaganda, depicting the Nazis and the SS to be monsters were true, as they were responsible for the Holocaust, and even murdering innocent babies (Battle of the Bulge). Clearly, propaganda can reveal the sad truth, and inform civlians of war crimes.

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