Is government responsible for solving unemployment ?

  • Yes unemployment can only be solved by the state

    The state has all of the finances and materials to create many many many busnesses that can create enough job opportunities for all.
    How to solve uneployment.
    -limit the inports
    -make the foreign products expensive.If foreign milk is 1 dollar and american dollar is also 1 dollar make the foreign one 2 dollars by law
    and the state will win the 1 dollar from it.
    That will make the foreign products more expensive and people will avoid them buying more products of his/her country.That will give more money to the state (or induviduals) so more factories will be created,more people will work,more products will be created,the state will have more exports so more money that will help it create more factories giving even more jobs.

  • It isn't the sole responsibility of the state to provide for the unemployment.

    As the supporter of the motion claims to increase the employment within the country ban actually making foreign products more expensive and actually imposing a limit on the imports, I strongly disagree with the same. I actually believe taking such an action would actually lead to loss of our own economy as societies have been known to thrive collectively and not only by adopting a selfish attitude of favouring only it's own citizens.

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