• Secrecy In The Government Is Necessary

    Although many people are angry that the government chooses to keep certain things secret from the citizens, it is very important. When citizens know everything that is going on, there is sometimes mass panic and confusing. Regular citizens do not understand everything that should go on "behind the scenes". For example, citizens should not know about top secret military operations.

  • Only To A Degree

    I believe it is reasonable for some countries to keep secrets in order to protect a country but I believe the lack of transparency in countries like the United States goes beyond and above those needs. Many of the secrets that have been revealed are very damaging. These secrets were kept because the programs and agencies should exist under the context of safety. When this happens, it is clear that government is secret for the wrong reasons.

  • To a degree

    While our government has been secretive for the wrong reasons, when it comes to stuff such as special forces operations and current intelligence gathering efforts that are justified, then we don't need to know. What we need to know is "Are we safe?" and "How are these actions encroaching on our freedom?"

  • No, government secrecy has never been used to protect a country

    If you look at government secrecy, it is always done under the guise of national security, but is always done to oppress the people. National security is claimed to hide multiple misdeeds and wrong doings. A free, prosperous informed nation is much more beneficial to the security of a nation than the government trying to "protect" us.

  • Government secrecy never good

    There is nothing great about government secrecy and it normally affects the ability to have knowledge about what can happen in the future. People need to have a sense of what is going on and how they can protect themselves and secrecy holds that from them. This type of act does not help a country it only hurts it.

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