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  • More like a Democrat burden

    Here are some FACTS:

    -41 times the republicans failed to overthrow obamacare. So instead of trying to overthrow it again they COMPROMISED. The bill they introduced was to repeal the individual mandate(NOT OVERTURN ALL OF OBAMACARE)

    -Democrats still refused that bill. I repeat they refused to compromise with the republicans.
    -On Sunday the 29th democrats refused to show up to the senate to debate the bill. Republicans however did show up.

    -Speaker of the house John Boehner called president obama and obama refused to negotiate with him.

    -On Monday the 30th afternoon, Democrats refused to debate a bill with republicans 4 hours
    before midnight when the government would shutdown.

    How can you blame a political party for shutting down the government. Politics has nothing to do with it! That's how the government works. Its called checks and balances. The house and senate don't agree with each other and can't pass a bill. Republicans are representing they're constituents. And democrats are representing theirs.

    But if you want to make it political just look at the facts I've given you. Democrats and Obama refused to debate or compromise with republicans.

  • House Republicans have agreed to fund the government.

    Senate Democrats refuse to pass the funding measures unless they get everything they want. The refuse even to go to conference with he Republicans. This President will negotiate with every evil dictator across the globe, but he apparently draws a line at talking with the other side of the aisle.

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