• Obamacare is horrible, stupid, and unconstitutional.

    A shutdown means less time to spend money on ridiculous things and make stupid laws out of sheer boredom (okay, I'm exaggerating a little). I don't think our government should meet continuously anyway: it's expensive and unnecessary. Obamacare is terrible: it's unconstitutional, destroys religious and financial freedom, and is another step towards irreversible national debt and socialism. Obamacare forces employers to provide abortion drugs and contraception (and other ridiculous things). It requires all citizens to have medical insurance weather or not they want it. The Democrats have been saying "I'm takin' the ball and goin' home!" They're threat is immature. It won't make much of an impact unless they take it a step further out of spite and disable important parts of society, like air traffic control, judicial system, etc. If you disagree with anything I said, please contact me.

  • Absolutely worth it.

    So many politicians think that their job in Washington is to make laws. That is NOT their job. Their job is to protect the freedoms guaranteed us by our "creator" and protected by the Constitution. Most of the laws in Washington do the exact opposite. And most of them cost us more money that we don't have and that will end up being created out of nothing and repaid by the taxpayers even though they didn't want it in the first place. If this is what it takes to save a buck, or a few billion, then I am all for it.

  • It's not Obama Care

    It is called the Affordable Healthcare Plan. These idiotic teabaggers labeled the health care policy as OBAMA Care because they want to stigmatize it. I don't think another republican will ever win election in the near future because of their pathetic attachment to their moronic idealism. Lay off civil servants and forget the social safety net (money for the needy). I'm not voting for another republican.

  • Not In The Least!

    This shutdown was promised by GOP, during campaigning in 2010 (footage from a GOP fund-raiser was shown on t.V. Last night). So, obviously, they never intended to "work" toward a compromise. The GOP disdain for Obamacare equates to bad sportsmanship. We expect better from kids playing in Little League & we usually get it!

    They (GOP) lost the fight, in Congress, back when Obamacare was a bill still open for debate. The House & Senate approved it. The President signed it into law. This political theatre WON'T stop Obamacare from going forward. It's website is operational. That's the joke of it. The GOP didn't stop this program. But ... They furloughed hundreds of thousands of government employees. They stopped paychecks to hardworking Americans. They have delayed countless things, from visas to Medicare. The people who are left waiting ARE suffering the consequences -- NOT Obama or Obamacare! This was a senseless decision, by the GOP. I will wager that they suffer the consequences!

  • The Republicans are holding the US economy to ransom.

    The GOP are playing fast and loose with decent, hard-working people’s livelihoods just because they believe people who are unable to afford private medical insurance should be allowed to die on the streets. They think tax cuts for the rich is more important than the health of millions of financially-disadvantaged citizens and they are prepared to play fast and loose with America’s economy and international reputation in order to scupper Obamacare.

  • Waste of time and money.

    Absolutely not. It isn't Congress or Obama or the ACA that are going to suffer from government shutdown, it's the small-time, middle class government employees who can't afford to go without work. This is by far the most heinous example of party politics that we have seen in a long time. It is disappointing that these grown adults and leaders can't have a rational conversation and come to a compromise that works for everyone. Instead, it's a childish game of "I'm taking my toys and I'm going home!" Sickening.

  • Stop blaming the House and the Republicans

    I agree that a shutdown isn't what we need or want. That's self-evident. If anyone wants a shutdown, it would be the Democrats, so that they can blame the Republicans and maybe come out politically better. Here are the facts about the whole defunding and bills and everything that happened that night.
    First: The House (controlled by Republicans) did pass a bill funding the entire government, except for Obamacare. I'm pretty sure everyone knows that. It died in the Senate (controlled by Democrats), and that was pretty much obvious that it would. So, the Republicans can say they fought to stop it, they (kind of) fulfilled their promise to try and stop it. This is the most obvious thing and most widely understood.
    Second: The House then passed ANOTHER bill funding the government fully, but with the provision that Obamacare would be delayed one year. That actually made sense. Instead of the nightmare of implementation, just figure things out over the next year, and get things ready. This, as well, died in the Senate. People probably saw that coming along as well, but the Republicans had compromised, and it failed.
    Third: The House then passed ANOTHER BILL funding the government, but with the provision that the Individual mandate would be delayed a year, and, get this, the Congress would NO LONGER BE EXEMPT! This was the most logical and compromising thing that has come out of the government about recent internal politics.
    In case you haven't noticed, the House/Republicans have actually compromised, and the Democrats have not. Knowing that it would cause a government shutdown, the Senate continuously refused logical and compromising bills from the House. The House approved bills THREE TIMES to fund the entire government, even parts that weren't Obamacare that they still hated, with the provisions stated above. They did more to fund the government then the Senate.
    NOTE: To all the people who say that Obamacare is the law of the land, and to get over it, you seem to have forgotten that laws get REPEALED all the time. This situation is similar to early America. Back then, guess what? Slavery was the law of the land! Did that mean that others just gave up and accepted slavery? Of course not! They abolished it. For a short while, alchohol was prohibited, and that was the law of the land. We then repealed that "law of the land". These were things that were more ingrained in society than Obamacare is now, so just give up that ludicrous argument.

  • The Affordable Health Care act makes things better

    The Affordable Health Care act is basically a good alternative to universal health care; it allows those with chronic diseases to actually get health care insurance, it prevents a variety of people from having to pay ridiculous bills for hospital care, and it allows more free movement with different jobs.

  • Obamacare is good

    Obamacare is going to help lots of people that need health care get the help that they need. Obamacare was passed last year and it should remain passed even though all of the republican snobs think that it is wrong. When it was proposed by Mitt Romney they were all for it, but now that it is a democrat suggesting it they all disagree.

  • Not worth it

    The "Good Old Party" needs to get their act together. Obamacare, or the affordable care act is law and that is not going to change. Republicans are trying to stiff arm the democrats into defunding Obamacare or pushing the start date back. The republican party will loose a majority of seats in the next election and it should. They still get paid while other sectors are closed and workers out of work

  • I like Obamacare

    Obamacare is not a bad thing in my opinion...It is really good, and constitutes multiple rights. The Republicans try way too hard to get rid of it, when they should know by now full well that we are not going to get rid of it... We need to fight to get our government out of the shut down and not blame Obamacare for it.

  • Is the GOP insane?

    Really, Obamacare isn't that bad, and if it were, why does it justify furloughing 800,000 employees, taking 10 billion dollars a week from a struggling economy, and causing myriad inconveniences to the public. Congress should not operate in absolutes; there always as to be a pragmatic give-and-take, otherwise the government won't function (which is the case here.) Government is not the place for ideological battles; it's the place for practicality, and, you know, actually governing.

    Posted by: bsh1

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