Is government surveillance of citizens justified?

  • Its to invasive

    The nsa doesnt even intercept the important tthings. Look at the highschool shooting. The guy posted on youtube a while back that he was a school shooter. Anyone couldve seen it especially the nsa. That did nothing and now a bunch of people are dead. If they are going to do it. Follow every lead.

  • Freedom comes with a price.

    No country, however wonderful they appear, is safe from those who either want to harm its citizens from the inside or the outside. It is naive to think freedom does not come with a price. If we want a well-governed nation, we need to have security. If you are not doing wrong, why worry? If you have nothing to hide, why be so paranoid? You share your life online for anyone to see, then say it is wrong to have people look at it? So once something bad happens with your personal information you protest against the same system that you are all of a sudden in need of for protection?

  • We need freedom but we need security too!

    Image you are talking with your friend and someone hack your call and that person is saying that you will get rape and kill, you need security so is better if someone know that so they can call the police. Imagine if your children's are in that situation and you can't do nothing, who will protect them?

  • Freedom & Privacy

    No, it's not justified. We need freedom and privacy! Imagine if your private conversations, your actions, and every single word of yours being eavesdropped and spied on. How would you like that?! I mean, the USA and almost every other country is a FREE country. Why, if we have the receipt to freedom, can't we have any privacy?!

  • No, it is too intrusive.

    No, government surveillance is not justified, because citizens have a right to be free from unjustified government intrusions. The purpose of government is to allow people to live free. The purpose of government is not to oppress people by their own actions. Government should protect people from others, not oppress people themselves.

  • It is wrong to watch your citizens every move

    If the government is so worried about its citizens why not make stricter laws. Why should they spy on us , why don't we get any say. It is really messed up. They should protect its citizens from foreign dangers not spy on them. We are humans not untamed beast who need constant watching.

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