Is governmental overthrow inherent in the philosophy of National-Anarchism?

  • Of course it is.

    Of course governmental overthrow is inherent in the philosophy of National Anarchism. National Anarchism means no government at all. Every man for themselves. This is an impossibility with government in place, unless these people were to live on compounds, or something. The whole idea of anarchy is to not have anyone to answer to.

  • That is what they beleive

    Trying to find a nation where the majority believe anarchy is a good thing is a different story. Just for hypothetical purposes though. If there was a country where the majority of the people were anarchists, then yes they would try to overthrow the government. It just does make sense to live life in chaos though. Most people do not and that is why most people are not anarchists.

  • Yes,it has to be

    If your gunning for anarchy you can't have a government,but I think thats just temporary. The goverment is just being overthrown for the people, in the long run they realize that some goverment is going to be needed for order and peace, The world has to have some order,but less can be more.

  • Yes, governmental overthrow is inherent with Anarchism.

    I think that governmental overthrow is inherent in the philosophy of National-Anarchism. I think that one of the principles of Anarchy is to destroy the idea of rules and regulations of any kind. And with a government, that objective cannot exist unless it is overthrown and done away with regardless.

  • Entire Country Doesn't Have to be in Anarchy

    Overthrowing a government doesn't have to happen for national-anarchism. Sometimes a government simply ceases to exist. In America, if no one votes for candidates, then a sitting government simply won't exist when legislatures fail to go in session. Not having a government in place would leave a power vacuum that leaves anarchy ready to take over.

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