• It's a tool.

    Tho tools themselves are not good or bad, They tend to be deigned to make life better for people. This is also the reason why they went from an invention to something that is so widely used. Thing is, As with any tool, They can be used for bad and/or unintended purposes. A hammer is usually used to build things yet some may use them as a weapon.

  • GPS is good because

    When people are lost, GPS helps find a road, That leads to the place you are trying to go to! So gps must be good. There is no reoson to say it is bad! It only helps you back on track! It does not harm anyone, And some kids play with it!

  • Technology is not good

    The government uses GPS tracking devices to track individuals suspected of criminal activity. This includes anyone. GPS opens the door for any organization including criminal organizations to keep tabs on anyone including innocent people. However, GPS can be more inaccurate than a traditional road map as Google Maps has led people down deserted roads in the middle of nowhere. People have also been led off cliffs as in the case of Pokemon Go.

  • IT is bad because of people

    I like using GPS and it does help people there are so many good uses.

    I dislike it because of bad people.
    Do you know how many jealous and controlling husbands or girlfriends use it? Even when said person being track is not a cheater they want to control where you go.
    Then there is the government and agency that spy on you. Where do I go how many hours do I spend at so and so. Do I go to church or some seedy hotel or with friends. \
    They say it is used to solve crime but I do not see crime rates going down I only see very creepy adds based off of where I have been. I tried limiting and adjusting my privacy setting but does that eve work?
    So smile for zukerberg trying to find out where you go

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