• Yesssss! It is art.

    BECAUSE IT IS ART. It is a way people express themselves. Look it up. IT has vibrant colors and reflects good on a community. It is art and a way of self-expression when you have no other way. The dictionary even clarifies that it is art! IT IS A BEAUTIFUL KIND OF ART!

  • Graffiti is art!

    It is a way of self of expression and lets people be free. It also can brighten a community. When a person is feeling sad they can express that. All of the vibrant colors will make them feel better. Also a lot of people think that it should be framed. There is a difference between taggers and graffiti artists. Taggers spray paint their names everywhere. Where as graffiti artists actually do graffiti.

  • Provides bigger canvas

    Some people need a bigger canvas to express there feelings which they cannot d in an art room or a small sheet. Graphitti helps those people to easily express there feelings it gives them a better plat form from which they can reach more people and give there message.

  • It boosts creativity

    Sure, Sometimes it might just be a kid writing his name on an urban wall, But to do so, He would need to be creative! Most times, Graffiti is a public gift of art! Take basketball courts. Often there will be graffiti on it, But just as often art will appear.

  • Of course, It is

    Graffiti is a form of art as it is a form of expressing one's self, Look at Banksy for example, He is known worldwide for his incredible street art and the meaning behind his pieces, All of you people against graffiti are saying that amazing expression shouldn't be allowed and should be looked down upon as vandalism and property damage.

  • Yes it is

    To some, Yes Even though most people think of graffiti and immediately associate it with gangs, I still consider it a form of art. It's their way of expressing themselves and their "code", So to speak. Art can have many different definitions, And it really comes down to exactly how people define it.

  • Art is an Expression!!!!!!!!!

    I think art is an expression from the persons heart and thoughts. These images could show so much of a person or satisfy the person train of thought or open there final request to the future of people and many people think that this is an amazing thing people do. They should appreciate this art from the people that comes from the peoples heart. This may even settle feelings that they had.

  • What would towns be like without graffiti and street art

    In my opinion citys and public areas would be boring without the bright colours and imagination spread across the walls that we call graffiti. I understand that some graffiti works are rubish, i mean the ones that are just scribbles and swear words and somebodys name written on walls without meaning or purpose, THAT IS VANDALISM.

  • Yes yes yes

    Graffiti is amazing look on the Internet and you will definetly find at least one picture of art
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    Go graffiti go graffiti go graffiti go graffiti

  • Because because because

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  • Curse graffiti and it's followers!

    Graffiti is bad. It damages the community and removal is costly. All of you in the "yes" side will learn a lesson. Do not support taggers! They will eventually pay up for their crimes. I am so disappointed in you guys and from now on i will remove every single piece of graffiti that exists. Good day to ya'll.

  • Graffiti is vandalsim!

    Graffiti ruins the community and makes it ugly. It damages property and costs a lot of money to remove. To all those who thunk graffiti is good, you probably are in favor of community damage. I am very disappointed in you likers. I will remove all graffiti I can and will make your lives miserable.

  • Graffiti is not a form of art!

    The reason why is because it is vandalism to property un less the owner of the property gives permission to do so. This is a disgusting thing that no one can ever read. Some people say its their way of trying to say something, but if you are trying to say something shouldn't it be legible.

  • Is it art or vandalism?

    Grafiti cost a lot to clean up. Most of the time, People who have grafiti on their property never asked for it. It can really damage building. Also, When it’s illegal, People do it fast, They don’t really do them with care.
    It count like visual pollution.
    But, After all, It really depend of how you see it, Because everyone have a different interpretation of grafiti.

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