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Scribbling is not art work

  Graffiti is the marking or defacing of another person’s property without consent from the owner. It is different from street art, which is an artistic work with permission from both the owner of the property and the Council. As it is wilful damage, graffiti is a criminal offence under theGraffiti Prevention Act 2007
Jzmn282 says2014-01-16T15:22:19.467
Just because it's illegal doesn't mean it isn't art. Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. Just because you think it is "scribble" doesn't mean everyone thinks that, and because someone thinks it is beautiful makes it art. Vandalism or not.
Danielle.D says2015-09-12T19:12:36.760
" Scribbling? " You define graffiti, a piece of work that a person has put their time and effort in to, inspiring people to express themselves or someone/something in mind and lets them have a say, that may also have meaningful phrases written everywhere too, " scribbling? " Yes it may be vandalism in some ways but if their beautiful work doesn't appeal just as vibrant to those who finds graffiti a disgrace and those who love art, then I don't know what will.
selena16 says2016-09-19T16:47:48.853
For one it isn't scribbling, most of the modern art is a dot, line or splatter on paper what these people do is not art, but the things that people can put on a wall is art. Look at the detail that they put into it over half of the people or most who are hating against it can't even begin to comprehend that it is still art whether you think it is illegal or not. If detail, Hard work and showing who you are through it, isn't ART then I don't know what is.
A_Dude says2018-02-27T00:17:09.737
You are saying that all graffiti is just scribles but NO not ALL graffiti are just scribles
imrightyourwrongkaboom says2019-06-06T18:08:59.383
Ah, Yes. You, My friend, Are saying that all graffiti falls under the category of "tag". As we all must know (except, Possibly, For some gigantically small-brained folk I roasted earlier) a tag is when someone spray-paints their name on a wall in a sloppy and scribbly manner. And you're categorizing all graffiti as tags. You're right about street art being art (probs because it's street ART) but this would do better in an is-street-art-bad debate. So you're just wasting my keyboard time. Thanks a lot.
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