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Graffiti has no meaning!

  In my opinion I think that in most cases graffiti has no meaning and is pointless, it has no thought of consideration. To be honest I can only think of one graffiti 'artist' and that's Banksy this is mainly because he is the only one who adds a morale or political message. However, overall graffiti spoils a nice day out for lots of people... I would also like to add this survey is slightly unfair due to the fact the main people who disagree with graffiti are older and don't used the internet or if they do they don't use it for the use of completing surveys
Jzmn282 says2014-01-16T15:24:46.070
I would like to point out that art isn't just something with meaning, it is also by definition something which is beautiful. If anyone thinks it is beautiful then it is art.
chrisy3819 says2015-02-09T02:31:22.710
Have you ever taken any psychology classes? Probably... Right? Most all pictures have meaning even when their drawn by children and look completely meaningless. As for graffiti, personally I don't think I can think of one example where it would be completely meaningless. I at first thought of tagging but even that type of graffiti has a meaning. It could be a display of dominance, marking their territory, or a need to leave their mark on the world even if its not in the sense most people refer to. Maybe even a form of anger at the world, a display of rebellion. Or maybe just of carelessness fun, of selfishness? What do you think?
-Try looking at all sides of the elephant;)
selena16 says2016-09-12T19:14:20.113
Actually it does because art is not just a line, dot or splatter on a piece of paper like the current artist do; it is something that comes from within, art reflects the person who is creating it and nothing can reflect you besides you and what you do. Who are you to decide what has meaning and what doesn't .
Also the meaning of the word Graffiti is (street art)
scott.sablowski says2017-03-20T03:22:52.897
Yeah bro
imrightyourwrongkaboom says2019-06-06T17:02:15.273
I think my opinion here is. . . No one cares what you think. Especially not the graffiti artists. So, You're differing graffiti from, Say, Paintings. Alright, Let's think of the most random painting ever. "Nude Seated on Sofa" by Impressionist artist Pierre-August Renoir. So you say that graffiti ain't art. How is a picture of a NAKED LADY ON A SOFA art? ! ? ! ? ! Because it's painted on canvas? Because it's in a museum? Oh, People never cease to baffle me. It's pretty obvious, That's what I'm saying. That I'M RIGHT. YOU'RE WRONG. KABOOM.
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