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no it's not

  Graffiti is illegal and shouldn't be done. If the person is so interested in painting on buildings and other property, they should do it on paper and murals. Then I would call it art. Doing something illegal should not be called artistic and beautiful in any way, shape or form. It is wrong and shouldn't be done. Everything beautiful should be right.
Anonymous says2013-05-16T16:13:23.583
So if i drew a car in high detail on Adobe illustrator cs5 (Design program) its art. However the same exact drawing on the side of wallmart is not art? I would like it very much for you to place a more in depth argument rather than saying just because its wrong it isnt true.
yoltr.mane says2013-05-17T23:48:41.923
It can be vandalism AND art, its not just one or the other. If da vinci painted the mona lisa on a wall without permission would it not be art? It would be art, but it would be vandalism, it can be both
Anonymous says2013-06-18T00:55:40.030
Who's to say it isn't right? Fight the power
Smile2002 says2013-11-16T13:20:16.030
heatherpreas111 says2013-11-21T06:46:50.210
So the government decides what is right and wrong?
spradhan says2014-02-24T17:45:07.667
MasturDbtor says2014-11-15T02:59:45.303
The question was is it art not is it right.
student11 says2015-02-05T22:46:51.387
In your statement you claim that everything beautiful should be right. My question is if that is true then who gets to decide what is right and what is wrong?
fantasy_superhero says2015-10-15T18:48:44.960
So, beautiful tattoos on peoples bodies, and plants climbing the walls, is wrong??? So much for "Everything beautiful should be right."
fantasy_superhero says2015-10-15T18:50:47.200
So, Michelangelo's art is wrong????
hero32 says2016-02-03T13:48:59.213
I think you have answered the question "Should graffiti be legalised?"... The question on whether it is art or not has nothing to do with the law. You can't change your viewpoint on something as emotive as art due to a government's ruling. You either think it's art or not?

What is beauty? I bet mine and your views on that differ on some levels and are the same on others. Does that make what you think is beautiful and I think is ugly, ugly?
selena16 says2016-09-12T19:06:22.323
So if showing real talent and detail isn't, then what is?
wandererofthesea says2019-02-23T01:22:26.097
Since when does art have to be legal? Art is art, No matter whether it's legal or not. Art isn't the legality of something, But the creativity and meaning behind it. Artists feel the need to make art wherever they are. For graffiti artists, Walls are their canvases.
imrightyourwrongkaboom says2019-06-06T16:54:02.873
Heeeyyy, So I'm replying to every single anti-graffiti comment on this site and making people cry, So here's yours.
Everything beautiful should be RIGHT? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! You're saying that everything beautiful should be LEGAL? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? Why I am positively APPALLED! This is just. . . The most ADORABLE THING I HAVE EVER READ. In fact, All of these anti-graffiti posts are just so cute, Because none of y'all have any idea what you're talking about. You just think of tags when you think of graffiti-people scribbling their names on a wall. Yes, I think that's quite bad too, But hey, You're saying that ALL graffiti is bad, Not just the tags. And that. . . Is just hilarious. Seriously. Why, All of these posts are making me snort artistic snot all over the keyboard! And we can't have that, Because I'm not done proving I'm right.
Next! Hear me out. What if. . . Picasso painted every single one of his famous artworks on walls? Without permission? Many art critics out there think his art is beautiful. And it all has meaning, Too. All of his art from the Blue Period documents his depression. But if he made all these amazing, Meaningful pieces on walls without permission, Would you still think it's art?

Feel free to cry all over your keyboard now. Just, Like, Mind your words, Please. When you try to sound smart, You just come out wrong.
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