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Graffiti is NOT art!

  Even if your Picasso graffitying on someobody elses land is not art and you shold not be able to do it! Its a waste of space and destroys beautiful buildings and landscapes! Sure it might look nice but its ruining beatiful places by pointless drawings! It is Not art at all!
MasturDbtor says2013-11-29T01:34:50.073
Words have meanings. Part of the meaning of "art" is not that "it's OK to do", so graffiti not being OK doesn't make it not art.
Emiluvy says2015-03-24T16:48:58.413
You said it is a drawing yourself! If it is a drawing it is art!!
rottr says2015-10-19T00:39:36.447
Nopee it makes bland buildings more lively
A_Dude says2018-02-27T00:14:43.517
Not all graffiti is done Illegaly.
And if its in your house and you made it is it a waste of space?
And not all graffiti is illegal or done on private property or random pointless drawings and I think that graffiti expresses more than your GENERALIZATION of graffiti.
You are saying all graffiti is bad and it isn’t
imrightyourwrongkaboom says2019-06-06T16:43:27.970
Whooooaaaa, How is a kindergartner writing on a debate website? Gosh, I wouldn'ta thought you'd know how ta type, What with this adorable little post!
Graffiti is art. Get it through your sippy cup.
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