• Graffiti is wrong.

    Although it is wrong that does not mean that it is not art. If someone make a huge mural with awesome detail would you not call that person an artist? I know for sure I would. I think that graffiti is one of the hardest forms of art because you cannot erase or stroke, it is hard to get texture and shadowing.

  • Because it is cool

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  • Of course it is

    Aight first of all a lot of you are confused with what graffiti actually is. Some graffitis are done illegally and can be considered destroying other's property or vandalism. A lot of graffitis however are done legally. A lot of writings on shirts today are all done by graffiti artists. If y'all don't want shirts with cool writings on them, then choose "no". Graffiti is an legitimate artform and one of the earliest elements of hip-hop culture along with mc-ing, bboying, and dj-ing. So y'all haters who are not willing to look at the big picture and think what graffiti really entails can call it vandalism, crime, whatever you want but remember if jackson pollock splashed his paint all over the wall on the street he would get arrested too. If piccasso suddenly got bored and started painting his thing on a police car he would get arrested too. Any art or painting can be done illegally. It's a matter of where and how to do it. So just because you saw some dude tagging on someone else's property doesn't mean graffiti as a whole don't deserved to be considered an art. Open up your mind and be able to accept a legitimate artform as an artform. Just because you don't like the style, and just because you ain't familiar with it doesn't mean it deserves destructive criticisms and hatred.

  • Graff is art

    Whether you like it or not graffiti IS art. The definition of art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture. Is graffiti not visual? Its a way for the artists to express themselves. And it is art.

  • Graffiti is art

    Yes, that doesn't make it OK

    The person in "no" is inappropriately adding a moral dimension to the definition of the word "art". "It's OK" is not part of the definition of the word "art". "Art" is a created expression intended for someone to admire. Just because it is "art" doesn't mean we have to accept it, except arguably if you mean "graffiti" in a broad sense, referring to the sort of style that is seen in graffiti but performed on one's own property or with permission. Some cities even have legal graffiti walls just for the purpose of graffiti in order to deter illegal graffiti

  • Graffiti is definetly art

    Graffiti is art because it is something that inspires people and allows them to have a say. For example a very famous one is by meek. It says keep your coins, i want change.This saying was extremely powerful and captured the attention of several people. This saying is powerful. Graffiti has meaning throught the form of art.

  • Graffiti is an Art!

    I believe that Graffiti is an art when it is used in the correct areas!
    When there is a building with just one name that I believe is vandalism!
    But overall Graffiti can be a beautiful thing, graffiti is a good way for one to express themselves, to feel free.

  • Definition of Art.

    Art is what is beautiful, appealing or of more ordinary significance. Art is any feild using skills or technique, art is mainly in form of paintings, sculptures and drawings.
    But since dance is considered an art form why can't graffiti? Graffiti is beautiful, appealing and of more sigificances. Thank you.

  • Art is Beauty

    It is a common statement to say the beauty is in the eye of the beholderand this is what's going on with that picture For some people they see art like me and others would see this as vandalism it is all about how you view it and if it was ever wanted in the first place if it was somewhere privately owned that yes it is but if it is non offensive and on public property then should be okay in my eyes ps yes I know that I didn't even use punctuation

  • Graffiti is a Form of Self-Expression

    Graffiti is literally art put illegally on structures. The first definition of art that comes up is:

    The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

    And who can deny that graffiti is a form of self-expression? It may not be legal, but it is most definitely art.

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  • Lust sex grafitti

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  • Grafiti is not art

    Grafiti is not art because they are vandalism they are drawing on other peoples property without permission and if someone just came on ur yard and just drew what they wanted you would of been mad right so that is vandalism you know but it can be art if they don't vandalize

  • Is it really art?

    Yes but it depends on how you use it.
    Its beautiful and all but think about if we were allowed to do graffiti everywhere and anywhere, it would be making beautiful buildings ugly maybe even cars. The world needs rules like this for these kind of reasons so crazy things don't happen.

  • It's not art!

    Graffiti is vandalism it shouldn't be done in public it's illegal and I mean it's great looking art work but destroying properties that isn't yours come on get paper or some thing to draw on at least, that beautiful environment getting destroyed because people just want do draw! Just randomly getting out with spray paint and ruining buildings and transport. Graffiti is bad and shouldn't be done.

  • It's not art!

    I know graffiti is amazing art but it destroys buildings and types of transport it's illegal and graffiti shouldn't even been here I mean drawing, spraying all those nice properties get paper or something don't just get outside and start drawing on piece of properties it's wrong it may be good looking art but it wouldn't do anything if you kept doing the wrong thing. YOU ARE THE CRIME

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Anonymous says2013-09-10T19:34:38.477
Graffiti art is totally fine, as long as it is done In the right places, people should be able to show off their art and personality.
swaggerrdaddy says2013-09-28T06:10:25.733
Here is an article I wrote about the topic
Superdude200 says2016-03-21T13:19:01.403
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Superdude200 says2016-03-21T13:20:48.767
I agree with anonymous
Sandraharris says2016-04-20T11:34:10.427
I find graffiti a wall art but nowise a vandalism. Vandalism is painting on the monuments, ruining public assets or ruining graves. More on the issue is available on here:
ChaChaDaddy2761 says2016-11-08T18:40:40.813
Graffiti isn't just paint you throw on the wall. It takes time to paint the wall. Graffiti foes Take skills. Graffiti is done by people who love drawing and wants to share their great work they did. Drawing disrespectful things on the wall isn't right but you can't take it out on the ones who are doing great graffiti.
AnthonyG9999 says2016-12-08T15:48:08.903
Many art is guud. Bet many ish bed. Like shrek 4 example. Shrek ish bootyful. He must beh an art on a side of buldin. But art like boobies or explicit stuff ish bed. We need mur shreks for deh wurld. Shrek 2020 4 prez. Yay shrek ya ya ya
AcarTr says2017-05-01T19:46:08.200
The value of "street art" is very powerful. Street art is a way to express différents Things . In fact, it can displease a fact of society or simply convey a powerful message about their political visions, which hurts them, disgusts them or makes them react. The advantage of the street art is that we can talk about taboo subject through an image And also allows us to let our imagination speak.


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