• I believe that graffiti is art.

    I believe that graffiti is art because graffiti has more than one design and much added color. Art can inspire you and graffiti inspires many people. You can let your imagination be free when doing graffiti. Graffiti can take place anywhere. You can express yourself and you emotions doing graffiti

  • I believe graffiti is art.

    Graffiti is art because it shows the artists creativity and feelings. Graffiti also gives the boring and plain buildings a splash of color. Graffiti may not be the best to draw on someone’s house or something like that. I think graffiti is art and it is super cool to look at.

  • Graffiti art is Art Too!

    Graffiti is art just in a different way. There are many different ways to present art. . . Singing, Drawing, Painting, And many more like sculpting. Graffiti is just another way of expressing your self. If you say expressing your self isn’t art then songs, Paintings, And sculptures aren’t art. That is my opinion on graffiti art BYE!

  • Graffiti IS Art

    In my opinion, Graffiti is most definitely art because it makes boring old buildings look alive again. Street art is also a way for artists to express themselves through art. Many people can relate or are inspired by street art. Art is art and that includes graffiti. Graffiti IS a form of art.

  • Graffiti is art

    Its the places that people put it that gave graffiti a bad name. People paint large scale graffiti paintings and murals for the public to view, And they think its art, But those who put it where people don’t want it is where opinions change.

    P. S. Sorry for not responding sooner, I just got this set up on my IPad

  • Graffiti is an art.

    Why I think graffiti is an art. I think it this piece of art that expresses an individual feeling. Graffiti may be illegal but it can inspire different people. The different pictures hold various object lesson or maybe ideas put into art! Graffiti help describes how illustrator views something. It also makes people see things in a new perspective.

  • Its is art

    Some people are only trying to express themselves, or show how the community has changed through their art work. Unfortunately, some people disagree, and that is ok! But I am that person who AGREES that it is art. Yes some may be gang signs, or inappropriate words, or pictures, but as long as it doesn't have that, it is considered art.

  • Form doesn't matter

    Art can be done in any form. Yes you can do it how ever it is usually all about your emotions not what other think of their translation of the art work. Yes we could give an example of a graffiti artist and his name is banksy. His art is amazing it doesn't matter where he does it cause everyone likes it.

  • Yes graffiti is art.

    Graffiti is art because it is way or expressing yourself, and that is all art ever is. Graffiti might be illegal sometimes, but it is still art. Graffiti provides a voice for people who want to be heard or to prove a point, but won't be listened to otherwise. Graffiti is art.

  • Yes it is!!!

    Graffiti is someone's personal way of expressing themselves and sharing it with the world. Some people write books, some make Youtube videos, some paint on canvases. But graffiti artists use their amazing skills to paint our city with these beautiful murals and pictures. Sometimes we can't read what they say but that really doesn't matter. When you think about how much time of their life they have spent beautifying our cities you should learn to apprecaite them more. Art is beautiful, and it should never be kept pinned down by the social constructs of our government.

  • no it's not

    Graffiti is illegal and shouldn't be done. If the person is so interested in painting on buildings and other property, they should do it on paper and murals. Then I would call it art. Doing something illegal should not be called artistic and beautiful in any way, shape or form. It is wrong and shouldn't be done. Everything beautiful should be right.

  • Graffiti is not art, it's vandalism!

    I hear people all the time try to excuse graffiti as art. But the truth is that it's vandalism and destruction of other people's property. Someone may like graffiti and consider it an art form. And they try to use the definition of art to excuse it. But those people are missing a major point about what art is. Art is created by commission or on the property the owner wants the art made on. Most graffiti is done without the consent or permission of the owner of which the graffiti appears on. The graffiti "artists" go where ever they want and destroy other people's property. I wouldn't want someone to tag up may walls of my building, just because it's their "self-expression"... If I asked them to do so, then it's a different story. Why doesn't the graffiti "artists" do their work on canvas? Why do they need to tag public property? Self-expression isn't about destruction, it's about creation. Graffiti destroys. Go create graffiti and display it in a museum or an art show.

  • Graffiti Is Horriable

    No i Think Graffiti Is Not Art , Why ? Because Its a Terrible Thing the thing people write on people Property , and they have to pay for it , its so wrong. Their Paying for People Believes WHat is stupid in my eyes. It Makes Places Look Like The Ghetto , Or a War Zone. People Might Be Scared to Live there.

  • Graffiti itself isn't really an art to me.

    Graffitti itself is not an art. Graffiti itself from what I know are just vulgar, crude and trashy words. But graffiti art is an art form born from graffiti techniques.
    Of course sometimes there are meaningful phrases painted and sprayed in a beautiful way but more often than not its a joke.

  • Graffiti is NOT art!

    Even if your Picasso graffitying on someobody elses land is not art and you shold not be able to do it! Its a waste of space and destroys beautiful buildings and landscapes! Sure it might look nice but its ruining beatiful places by pointless drawings! It is Not art at all!

  • Graffiti has no meaning!

    In my opinion I think that in most cases graffiti has no meaning and is pointless, it has no thought of consideration. To be honest I can only think of one graffiti 'artist' and that's Banksy this is mainly because he is the only one who adds a morale or political message. However, overall graffiti spoils a nice day out for lots of people... I would also like to add this survey is slightly unfair due to the fact the main people who disagree with graffiti are older and don't used the internet or if they do they don't use it for the use of completing surveys

  • Meaning of graffiti

    The google definition for graffiti is writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place. This exactly enplanes the meaning of graffiti and how it is most likely illegal, how it is vandalism and that it really isn't art. But say you were talking about "graffiti ART" that was not illegal and someone allowed the graffiti artist to spray random words o their building then that could be considered art but in other circumstances I would not consider it art.

  • Scribbling is not art work

    Graffiti is the marking or defacing of another person’s property
    without consent from the owner. It is different from street art, which is
    an artistic work with permission from both the owner of the property
    and the Council. As it is wilful damage, graffiti is a criminal offence
    under theGraffiti Prevention Act 2007

  • Yoooo its not art

    Graffitis not art because it is vandalism and it damages other peoples properties. Street art is acceptable because they always look nice and they have permission to do it. Most of the time graffiti is wrong and ussually vulgur. So thats why graffiti is not art because it is wrong.

  • No it is not art

    Even if you think it is art it is still illegal. Also vandals might put themselves at risk just to write their name on the side of a bridge. Is it worth risking your life for that? Plus it gives a bad image. What parent would ever want to send their kid to a school, covered in swears and racial statement?

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Anonymous says2013-09-10T19:34:38.477
Graffiti art is totally fine, as long as it is done In the right places, people should be able to show off their art and personality.
swaggerrdaddy says2013-09-28T06:10:25.733
Here is an article I wrote about the topic
Superdude200 says2016-03-21T13:19:01.403
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Superdude200 says2016-03-21T13:20:48.767
I agree with anonymous
Sandraharris says2016-04-20T11:34:10.427
I find graffiti a wall art but nowise a vandalism. Vandalism is painting on the monuments, ruining public assets or ruining graves. More on the issue is available on here:
ChaChaDaddy2761 says2016-11-08T18:40:40.813
Graffiti isn't just paint you throw on the wall. It takes time to paint the wall. Graffiti foes Take skills. Graffiti is done by people who love drawing and wants to share their great work they did. Drawing disrespectful things on the wall isn't right but you can't take it out on the ones who are doing great graffiti.
AnthonyG9999 says2016-12-08T15:48:08.903
Many art is guud. Bet many ish bed. Like shrek 4 example. Shrek ish bootyful. He must beh an art on a side of buldin. But art like boobies or explicit stuff ish bed. We need mur shreks for deh wurld. Shrek 2020 4 prez. Yay shrek ya ya ya
AcarTr says2017-05-01T19:46:08.200
The value of "street art" is very powerful. Street art is a way to express différents Things . In fact, it can displease a fact of society or simply convey a powerful message about their political visions, which hurts them, disgusts them or makes them react. The advantage of the street art is that we can talk about taboo subject through an image And also allows us to let our imagination speak.


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