• Talent should not be put down!

    For some people graffiti is the only thing that they are good at, and if they didn't have graffiti they would go into crime. In addition graffiti is another way to express ones feelings and a way to spread a message. Back to the it is the only thing they are good at, for some teenagers they aren't good at their studies so they don't really have a good future but graffiti is another way to earn money and capture younger viewers. *Thanx*

  • I wouldn't go so far as to say public property is evil,

    But I would say that I definitely see graffiti as a way to combat evil. There are, as the opponents will no doubt cite, situations in which defacement of property is directly and severely damaging and that is, well, unfortunate. However, I would argue that by and large, street art does more good to the general than harm to the specific, and anything which encourages us to detach for a moment from our possessions and interact (even if that interaction is outrage) with other people, is a good thing.

  • I think that it's pretty cool

    I know that people use graffiti as a gang symbol and junk, but I think, if who ever is spray painting on everything, take a minute to realize how good they are and maybe profess in art. I think that would be really cool. By any way, I think graffiti is sweet.

    Posted by: kthx
  • Graffiti the Art!

    I think it is an art because it colorful and creative. Plus the shapes and word can be in 3D, like that is art. There is something called Wickd Art which clearly means lots of colors. The shapes have to deal with art since art . I say it is art because it is colorful and it shows talent.

  • Graffiti is an art

    In my opinion graffiti is an art. It depends on where it is. If the person does not have permission from the landlord of the property they are doing graffiti on, it is bad. But if you look on the internet there are lots of very beautiful pieces of graffiti art

  • It is very artistic.

    It expresses peoples feelings, it is colorful, it is copied from the hippies, who were peaceful and colorful, many people like it, it is often very pretty, and many people can do it very well. Also, there are many famous people who have done graffiti, for example Keith Haring. One of his works is the "Radiant Baby".

  • Depending on the Graffiti

    Most people associate graffiti with gangs and drugs and tagging, but if you look online you'll see that there are definitely pieces that are beautiful and worthy of being deemed art work. I don't think that random places should be tagged, but I think that graffiti is an art form and should be promoted, but there needs to be specific places for it.

  • Yes, but no; it depends on where it is and what it is

    Graffiti itself is a form of art, and can be beautiful to look at when in the city. However, graffiti on trains, train stations, buildings, and old architecture is a complete pain for whoever has to pay to remove it, and can be a sign of a lower income part of town. Overall, though, I stand at the position that graffiti is a good thing, because when purposefully and legally created, it can be something beautiful to look at.

  • Drawing is not a crime

    I am a very big fan of art especially street art, that goes for graffiti too. I think graffiti good because I believe that unknown artists are trying to be discovered. Despite the stupid graffiti on some walls but the creative ones are something else. To those that draw graffiti try express what they can do and what they want people to see from them. Thus Graffiti is the most creative art Ive seen by the way.

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  • Graffiti is stupid

    Graffiti is nothing but a piece of junk! Your destroying peoples properties! Its vandalism man!Stop graffiti now or else you will have to pay a fine! That money you use to pay the fine can be used for something more useful! You will probably get arrested for doing it and i know you don't want to get arrested! STOP IT NOW OR ELSE THIS WILL HAPPEN!

  • Its against the law

    Graffiti is ugly and bad, and people should not encourage it because children will look at it and start drawing all over walls and get into trouble. When you don't have permission to vandalize someones property then you should NOT touch it and if you do you should re think your actions because no matter how pretty it is, its a crime.

  • Go to Naples - the graffiti over the fine classical buildings gives an air of 'despair and decay'.

    Graffiti in large amounts is torture for the eye, it is vandalism, see comment above. Graffiti in allocated areas is fine as a form of expression or art. It is fine as an expression of individualism. If it gets everywhere, then it looks awful and is a form of violence that destroys cohesion, go to Naples - every building is sprayed with graffiti - it was violence to the eye.

  • It depends on the place.

    I am not saying drawing is a crime but graffiti is, it manly depends on the place. I think that people can just do graffiti words and coloring on a big or small piece of paper. Graffiti is a crime if its bad words and stuff but also a crime if on a persons property. A law also passed in lafayette saying that in a couple of months they will build a wall ball/hand ball wall so people can do graffiti on it without paying to clean it up or go to jail.

  • Let's Stop Graffiti

    I think we should stop graffiti because it damages people's property. It costs a lot of money to remove the graffiti. It's the property owner's responsibility to remove it and not the person who painted on the property. The artist is selfish for ruining the owner's property. That is what I think about graffiti!

  • Let's Stop Graffiti

    Graffiti is bad because you can be doing art on someone else's property without their permission. It costs a lot of money to remove the graffiti, and it's the person's responsibility to remove it. Also, the art they do can be offensive to the public. That's what I think about graffiti!

  • It's not art, It's vandalism plain and simple

    While some may argue that this so called "art" is a way for hoodlums to be creative it's really an excuse for these thugs to deface public property and get away with it. If they want to do their graffiti they should do so on a canvass and not on the fence of the law abiding citizen. All in all graffiti is vandalism plain and simple and if you spray graffiti on the wall of a building it is against the law and you should be punished accordingly not praised.

  • Its so annoying

    Its just so irritating. Seeing people doing graffiti is just not good for kids and the rules state that we shouldn't be doing it but yes they still do it. Our kids or children do not need to be seeing this. ITS BANNED! And it will stay like this forever.

  • In most cases...

    I'll start by saying that I think that the traditional spray paint graffiti style like the picture for this question is incredibly cool. That said, if Someone pays to have a house or building built, they deserve the right to determine what if any art should grace the building. I think that commissioned murals are awesome and I could even see myself hiring a graffiti artist to paint a mural on a the side of my building if I ever opened a building. However if the graffiti is put on against the property owner's will, that is a crime and should be prosecuted. Public property is a slightly different matter in my opinion. Graffiti such as gang symbols that are intended to create a sense of fear in the viewer should never be allowed on public property. Additionally, things like memorials, schools, city halls, and statues should be left unaltered as a matter of respect. I do not have a problem though with thoughtful sidewalk art or paintings on bridges or the like. Still, I think that the best course of action for an aspiring graft artist would be to first obtain permission for their painting.

  • No graffiti is bad when it vandalizes public or private property.

    I think graffiti can get out of hand especially when it gets sprayed on stores, train cars, residential homes, etc. When people decide to create what ever image they are doing they should do it in a public art museum with permission or in a park with an area set up for this purpose and not an peoples' property because 1. It can damage property and 2. The people who own their house or building will have to clean it up.

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noemiwafo8 says2015-09-27T11:06:35.890
It is abusive and if you draw on walls with paint it means you are living a part of your identity.!!!!!!Never forget that !!!!!!!
JessicaPhan003 says2018-06-23T08:47:42.030
Just because it is art does not mean I'll let you slide with wasting $25 million dollars of our tax money on cleaning it. OK, I get you express yourself using it, but how about doing on a canvas and selling for money. Then people can appreciate it. I don't see why it is so necessary to do it in public area's where it's not allowed. Sure it's not as bad as murder or rape, the amount of times it happens collects up, just like littering is petty, it still happens a lot making it still a huge problem.