• This is a horrible game

    It shows violence that the kids of this day and age try to copy. We should not be showing such violence to the younger age group. This sensationalizes that kind of behavior. I think the video game should be taken off shelves completely. I am sure that many feel the same way as I do.

  • It is violent but...

    It's not like us kids (normal kids anyway) look at that game and be like, "I'm going to go shoot up a neighborhood now" we just play it because it's our way of blowing off steam. Also let's not forget the fact that we go to school and realize that the world isn't all puppies and rainbows there are dangerous things out there, but I can assure it is not because of GTA

  • No it is not.

    It is no more violent than your average action movie. Grand Theft Auto is not too violent, the problem is that parents need to explain to children why actually doing the things in the video game would be wrong. Children are going to see this kind of violence on TV or in other video games. So just explain it to them and they will be fine.

  • It is meant to be as close to real life as possible!

    The whole point of GTA is that it is very close to real life, along with the little things like prostitution. I don't see why a game which is very obviously violent and sexual should be "less" violent, as that is what the game is intended to be, and is the players choice to play.

  • It all depends

    Is Grand Theft Auto too violent? It all depends on how old you are and how smart you are. A mentally ill child who believes all media should definitely stay away from GTA5. But if you are 18 or older in college, and perfectly mentally healthy then why not? It all depends. Personally I think it could be a lot worse but it still depends on who you are.

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