• As of writing this, yes it is.

    Sure, in the future there will be an even better game, but as of right now this is the best. Unlike film, gaming gets better as it ages, and I think we should accept that. There is nothing wrong with this game, it's absolutely perfect. Rockstar really outdid themselves, and it's created a video game that will never get boring.

  • Quite Simply, yes

    The game is a masterpiece. Sure its story isn't that compelling and its characters being quite bland. Buts its the open world and its gameplay that make is undoubtedly the greatest game out there. It surpasses its predecessors by a mile and its quite clear that Rockstar (The developers) put in alot of work into this.

  • Good game made

    Gta5 is the best game ever because,alot of people like shooting and fight games.
    Gta5 is one of them and since they made Gta there games have been great.
    When gta3 came out it was supper popular I new half of the people in school had the games.
    Gta5 was a super update then gta3 cause the stuff you can do and the stuff u can do online.

  • I go for Aff!

    "Grand Theft Auto V" can be considered the best game out for its time. It base in-game graphics are better than most games cinematic's. It's story is more in depth then ever, slowly working itself to a seven out of ten on the story line not great, but not bad.

  • Yes gameplay wise

    Gameplay wise GTA V is the best game ever created. That being said the story is definitely not as great as some Ps2 classics and recent games. The best story for a video game in my opinion has to be the Kingdom Hearts games as the plot and locations seem to just coexist perfectly together. But the fact that GTA V can now be almost relatable to real life is amazing. Look out for Watch Dogs though, I feel as if it will definitely one up GTA

  • You can,t have the best game and have a limited audience.

    How could it be the best game if it is not the best for every age? It can't because to be the best game the majority of people have to enjoy it and a large amount of people cant play it due to its content and some people don't like it due to its gritty realism. The best game would probably have to be something that appeals to every one and has content that is appropriate for everyone.

  • No it is not.

    Grand Theft Auto V is not the best game ever. Although Grand Theft Auto 5 is a good game, the best game ever is Final Fantasy 7 hand down. I like the character development and the story line ten times better in Final Fantasy 7 over Grand Theft Auto 5.

  • No, not even close

    If you look at it from a popularity standpoint, it's still probably a no. But this game wasn't made to last and just feels bland and boring after a while. Now look at it this way, what new innovations or features did GTA V have that previous games didn't have not limited to the GTA series. Little to nothing, and that is the cold truth. Although it wasn't just like another Call of Duty release, the experience didn't last long and was somewhat unoriginal.

  • Too much to do!

    GTA V has now been around for two months and I'm already bored, I love the story and all but there is too much to do!!! You go around and do missions but you also want to do other things too like sky diving and racing. But this is too similar to real life and it makes the gaming experience pretty dull.

  • Never it volient

    Gta is bad for you it has crime guns and other bloody stuff so it might as well tell teenager to play it for fun but it not fun at all so trust you would not play Gta again plus if your parent see this you better have a good excuse why you bought it

  • NO Its not

    Well GTA 5 have a good Graphic and stuff.. But you guys can see that the story is not really that interesting. There are more Good and more awesome game than GTA 5 such as Dishonored, and bioshock. Its a really awesome games.. At the beggining u can see that Gta have the best graphic of gaming.. But sometimes.. It Just seems really boring... And i almost fall asleep after play for 30 minute... So for me.. No...

  • Biggest let down

    GTA V was one of the most hyped up games to have ever been made, all the heists and robberies and gunfights that were advertised were at a minimum in the game. The campaign was great but when multiplayer was released it was horrible. Robbing little corner stores, what happened to the big bank heists and multiplayer battles? Multiplayer is horrible and theres to many glitches and bugs.
    I feel sorry for those people who waited years after pre ordering
    GTA V is not the best game ever.

  • No It's Not.

    GTA V is a great game with a lot of things to do after finishing the game, but in terms of character interaction, it's one of the worst in my opinion. Regarding this year, you do have Beyond 2 Souls, The Last of Us, Watch Dogs, Bioshock Infinite etc. to contend with game of the year. Story-wise, the game is great with interesting characters. For right now, the game of my choice would be The Last of Us this year and one of my top games. It's a great game, no doubt. But EVER? Nope. It's not the greatest game. Needs more interaction between characters like choices in terms of interaction like doing bad things impacting your relationship and good things etc. Different options when you are talking like yes, no, idk etc. Something not automated like we see in the cutscenes and artificial.

  • Just. Because. Skyrim. JK.

    Depends on the genre, but in the open world gene, Skyrim takes the cake. GTA is full of barely responsive characters massed in random locations. The world doesn't feel alive. I think it's better than most games though, and definitely the best "modern" open world game. (Extra words here lol)

  • No, it isn't

    We all love open world games, but GTAV isn't the best game. We all have to admit, open world games get boring in a while. We all had that time where we drove like normal people or replace stuff in the game. Even in The Last of Us we got board eventually, my point is that there is no perfect game. We all loved skyrim, but we all got board.

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Ragnar says2013-09-19T04:53:27.697
Dragon Quest.