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  • A game about playing criminals?

    What do you imagine a game about simulating crime is going to be like? Of course it has violence, its rated R18+ in Australia, this is not a little kids game, it has not been designed to be family friendly, it is for adults.

    It may go over the top in some areas, but that is what Grand theft auto does, people often complain that you can kill cops in GTA a games, the cops can kill you too quite often in fact, if anything GTA games show how suicidal a life of crime can be.

  • Grand theft auto games are made to be violent

    Any person, who likes the Grand theft auto series, will know there will be an extreme amount of violence in the game, the games are meant to be violent, that is the fun of it, they can be quite crazy sometimes, but violent is a MUST for Grand Theft Auto games in my opinion.

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