• He just is

    I think well be good to go to the gym and then to a friend of mine and I have been doing it for a while but I think it was a good time to go to the gym and then to a friend of mine and I have been doing it for a while

  • He’s a lazy deadbeat

    He laid in bed for 20 years to avoid working and hops up at the mention of a good time. Plus he steals, Laughs at kids almost getting murdered, Let’s the family eat cabbage water while he chews tobacco. And then he wants charlie to lie and screw over Wonka.

  • He is an international government spy!

    Then there's the equally damning allegation that Joe is an industrial spy. The theory is that Joe has an unusual amount of knowledge about Wonka's business and the industry for a man who has been bedridden for years (the 2005 movie, Which came out a year after the site was founded, Provides Joe a backstory working for Wonka that would explain this). Most damning though, Is the fact that he is willing to go along with Slugworth's request to betray Wonka by providing a sample of the Everlasting Gobstopper.

    Perhaps most interesting, Though it does not appear that the 2004 website and Facebook page are linked (neither responded to message from BuzzFeed News), It's clear that their sheer popularity has tapped into a deep well of anger within fans of the beloved children's book and movies.

    Any way you slice it, The years of evidence suggest that this resentment goes well-beyond an internet prank or light grudge. The bile and venom toward Joe is thick with feelings of betrayal and resentment for his sins of sloth and greed. It is the shock and disgust a young adult feels when realizing for the first time that parental figures are fallible creatures, Capable of horrible things. The internet, It seems, Hates Grandpa Joe not because his misdeeds are so bad, But because we were told to love him in the first place.

    One last piece of evidence on the trial of Joe's character surfaced in 2013, When an eagle-eyed redditor noticed that Grandpa Joe has "coke nails. " Perhaps here is the key to his perceived moral failings: He was hopelessly in the throes of a serious drug addiction.

  • Dab on haters

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  • He is a terrible person

    But the little freeloader is best known from the 1971 film Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. Throughout the beginning of the movie, Grandpa Joe lounges around in bed with the other useless grandparents, While his grandson, Charlie, And Charlie's mother, Mrs. Bucket, Slave away trying to make ends meet. Sure it would be polite if Grandpa Joe helped them out, But that would involve him lifting his brittle body up from his comfortable bed and we all know that won't happen (unless of course there's a free chocolate bar involved). In fact, Not only is Grandpa Joe lazy but full of broken promises and excuses too! When Mrs. Bucket calls him out for persistently lying about getting out of bed and helping Charlie "soon as [he] gets [his] strength back", He tells her he would help but the floor is too cold! Maybe if his daughter wasn't so busy catering to the lazy old people's every need, She'd have some free time to go get Grandpa Joe a pair of slippers! If you thought he couldn't get any worse, Than you thought wrong. When Charlie brings home a loaf of bread his mother asks where/how he got it. But Grandpa Joe couldn’t care less “the point is that he got it” he says. All he is concerned about is shoving the bread Charlie spent his hard earned money on, Down his throat. He wouldn't care if Charlie murdered the baker to get that bread as long as he doesn’t have to eat cabbage water anymore. The movie finally gets exciting after greedy Joe pressures his young and naive grandson into finding all 5 golden tickets. He's aware the family can barely afford a stale piece of bread but does that stop him from expecting Charlie to spend endless amounts of money on chocolate until he finds all 5 tickets? Of course not! When Charlie finally finds a golden ticket something extraordinary happens, Grandpa Joe makes a miraculous recovery! Just like magic, Grandpa Joe gains back all his strength the second Charlie says “I wish you could go”, Referring to joining him at the chocolate factory. No he doesn’t suggest Charlie take his mother, Who breaks her back working everyday while everyone else relaxes in bed, Instead he springs up like a jack in the box and breaks out into an unnecessary yet well choreographed dance routine. After a beautiful rendition of "(I've Got A) Golden Ticket" in which Grandpa Joe showcases more selfishness singing the line "I've got a golden ticket" as if he instead of Charlie found the ticket, The two scurry off to the chocolate factory where Grandpa Joe criticizes all the other kids and almost costs Charlie his lifetime supply of chocolate by convincing him to drink the fizzy lifting drinks that they weren't supposed to be touching! It is evident that Grandpa Joe does not have Charlie's nor Mrs. Bucket's best interest at heart. Instead Grandpa Joe only thinks of himself while mooching off

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