Is granting mass amnesty to 33 million illegal invaders a good thing for America?

Asked by: JustCheNo
  • Providing 12 million undocumented immigrants a pathway to legal status is the smart thing to do . . .

    Ever since European Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, the territory that would come to be known as the "United States" has opened its doors to immigrants, documented or not, and I believe this tradition should be maintained, because it has positive effects for the national economy and forces the country to evolve politically and philosophically. Dangerous individuals that threaten the safety, sovereignty of the national community should be removed, just as they were during the American Revolution, while those that promote its advancement in multiple spheres should stay!

    The United States has laws and so we must all abide by these laws, but I also believe the nation should be rational, and expecting remove all 12 million undocumented immigrants is irrational. Instead I believe a path toward legal status should be provided, but with financial penalties. The US border should also be strengthened, to prevent mass undocumented immigration from happening again.

    The United States should also be a defender of worker's rights across the globe to promote fair and decent wages and to prevent illegal immigration in the first place.

  • They're People Too!

    First of all, no one is talking about giving them welfare benefits or free tuition if we legalize them; that is a SEPARATE ISSUE. We're just asking whether they should be citizens, even if they crossed illegally already. If we legalize them, and if all citizens are on an equal playing field, then they will be taxpayers too, just like every other hard-working American.

    It will be a bonus to the U.S. Economy because industries will be provided with more labor capital and if there are more laborers in the market, companies can bid for lower wages, which means they can hire more laborers at the same cost, and therefore more output and volume, thereby lowering prices bringing in more revenues. If entrepreneurs can get more revenue in, then they can expand their operations, thereby creating more jobs.

    There is no rationale in disallowing amnesty, for the sake of "punishing" those who break bad laws. We need to grow up and stop trying to bully those who are just seeking opportunity. So, let's not let our pride and ego get to our heads, and just allow them in.

  • It's time to get over yourselves.

    As much as I love living in this "great" country, it's time to move on. Some people are truly concerned because they fear that this country will go into economic debt, but the majority is doing this just because their little conservatives minds will not let them grasp the concept that people are suffering in other parts of the world and this is their only refuge. These people are dying in their land and getting murdered in cold blood. They come over here because they have trepidation of getting mutilated and decapitated in their own land. Most people say that they "committed" a crime and they try to ameliorate their feelings by this thought. You people need to get rid of these haughty attitudes and stop being very stringent. We are a country of change & diversity.We need to stop using these people as a scapegoat for our problems. If we can allow gays to get married,black people to have freedom,women to vote...Then why won't we allow these people to stay. Our stringent minds is causing these families to split up and never see each other again.

  • Not amnesty but reform.

    As Lakai commented, your are twisting this post in your favor. I will agree with you, illegal immigration is bad, however we need to make the American dream within reach for Americans and immigrants. People like to argue that immigrants are taking all the jobs, what they don't like to talk about is that the country was founded by immigrants.

  • You are twisting the bill to meet your agenda

    It is not amnesty. It is immigration reform. The question should be "Do you support the immigration reform bill?" I would say yes. It is a good compromise between Republicans and Democrats, and the only thing that is bad about it is MISINFORMATION. You all display it. Actually research what's in the bill before you go on a shouting series of, "NO AMNESTY. ILLEGALS ARE BAD, MCKAY?!"

  • No, absolutely not.

    See, even just coming up with these ideas is hurting your mentality. You cannot ask this because this will infiltrate the minds of the radical liberals (as opposed to moderate liberals) and they will want this. I live in a radicalized liberal state, and yes, I can clearly say this with easily presentable evidence. Recently, radical Governor Deval Patrick created a bill and implemented it saying that Illegal Immigrants can have free state intuition whilst the rest of Massachusetts, the true Massachusettsans, are suffering under insane college tuition fees. We cannot treat Illegal Immigrants better than our own people. Shame on you Governor Patrick, for putting Illegals before your own people, shame on you. We have to treat Illegal Immigrants harder than our own people because they have to realize how hard it is to really live in the states. Governor Patrick, if you become anymore left-winged then you can consider yourself a godforsaken Communist. NO mass amnesty for these Illegal Immigrants. None can be granted whatsoever. There's a reason why they're Illegal. They cannot be treated with lightheartedness. They have to earn their way from the bottom to the middle or even the top (depending on their work ethics).

  • Illegal means illegal

    It's a simple argument, illegal alien means ILLEGAL alien. The government would never think of excusing 33 million people of a crime like vandalism. Why should they excuse 33 million people of this crime? You do the crime you pay the time as they say. This needs to be more strict.

  • No, they committed a crime

    The last thing these illegal invaders need is amnesty. If anything they should take control of the border and monitor whos coming in and out. This is just gonna add more people looking for jobs, food, and housing. They came into this country illegally and committed a crime so they should sever for what they have done.

  • We simply can't afford it.

    We are in huge debt and we can't afford to put more people on our social welfare programs.
    We already have enough people in this country and we can't take anymore in.
    Remember when we turned the Jews away and then Hitler killed them all? We should have taken those people in because they needed us.
    These new aliens will do just fine in their own countries. Look at china, it was like Mexico but now it's becoming the new economic capital of the world.
    If those 3 million people worked together they will build their own American dream they way that they want it.

  • Absolutely not, because...

    1. The vast majority of American citizens don't want it. Don't believe the left wing media, the voters don't have a say in this travesty, but if they did it would never happen.

    2) The 11 million figure is a blatant concocted LIE. In the 1980s the same politicians were saying there were 12 million illegals. 30 years later there are LESS? Give me a fricken break.

    3) Adding millions and millions of workers to the job pool will not only drive unemployment through the roof, it will permanently deflate wages for those who ARE employed.

    4) Illegals take WAY MORE than they put into the economy, and it would be even worse if they were granted amnesty. Instant welfare, something they already get for their kids, now THEY'D be eligible for every single Socialist entitlement that American citizens are.

    5) We tried it before and it failed miserably. The border was never secured, nor will it be this time. Amnesty only encouraged more illegals to come here, which has been devastating to the U.S. Economy.

    6) Current day amnesty is AGAINST THE LAW. The president does not possess this authority, as unauthorized presence in the U.S. Is a civil violation, not a criminal one. Presidential pardon power only applies to federal crimes, described as “offenses against the United States” in the Constitution. As such, “a pardon can’t make someone a citizen or lawful resident,”

    7) There are so many thousands of other reasons they would fill a book.

  • Money out of your pocket

    Here is something I found on the net which explains my position.
    Marita Nelson is an illegal immigrant to the USA. She has been here for 20 years and despite that time here can barely speak English. She is not married but has 7 kids to feed. And the US government pays for everything.
    Nelson lives in Florida where Fox News’ Steve Harrigan found her and told her story. It appears that there are several organizations now dedicating themselves to helping illegals get as much federal and state aide as they can find for them. Yes, even though that they are criminally breaking our laws in the first place.
    Despite that this Marita Nelson has no job and has done little else but pump out illegitimate children into our society, she receives $250 in food stamps, child support from her various male companions, federal housing supplements, free medication and medical coverage, and $700 a month in Social Security payments.
    Talk about abuse of the system. This abuse is fueled by greed. Lets get some poor people , get them to work for nothing, pocket the profits and the hell with the social consequences. They will then fornicate, and have some babies who are automatically citizens and further screw the system legally. They will destroy the economy where they live and foster more of the same as more kids are born. The rich growers, ranchers, agriculturists, whatever are breaking the backs of American workers. There is no money left to fix the system. There is no money left to deport them.What a sad state of affairs we are in. There will be a revolution someday when too many Americans have had enough of this bullshit. Our politicians are as we speak arguing over a bill on immigration which is for shit, another do nothing to solve the problem bill. When it is over, there will still be 11-15 million illegals here sucking us dry. When the schools have fallen down, the medical services are broke, and the food supply can no longer sustain everybody for nothing, there will be riots and fighting over things as simple as water. Deport them, I do not care if orange juice is $5.00 a gal.

    Posted by: PNK

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x2MuzioPlayer says2013-06-24T16:10:18.163
Wow, the obviousness of the intended wording effect... It hurts my eyes.
JustCheNo says2013-06-24T17:09:26.797
How else would you word "people who illegally storm sovereign borders"?
x2MuzioPlayer says2013-06-24T17:26:58.030
"Should immigrants who have entered the United States illegally be given pardons for their actions?" There, look how much better of a question that is, as opposed to... Those two.
JustCheNo says2013-06-26T14:21:06.837
Under current immigration law the president is not allowed to grant "pardons" to illegal aliens. Since the laws have changed since Reagan's day and entering the U.S. Illegally is now considered a "civil violation, the president (and Congress) do not have the legal authority to grant amnesty to ANYONE. It's ILLEGAL!
x2MuzioPlayer says2013-06-26T14:52:36.343
@JustCheNo- What you just said was irrelevant. Amnesty is pardoning a group of people, so the question would still suffice. I don't really care what you're stance is on the issue, however it's intellectually dishonest to create a question that's meant to convey hatred towards the mere idea itself.
JustCheNo says2013-06-27T13:44:28.500
@x2MuzioPlayer - I notice that you didn't vote Yes on the topic. In fact nobody did. So I believe that's you're being intellectually dishonest by standing on your party line when you believe the complete opposite.
x2MuzioPlayer says2013-06-27T15:30:42.620
@JustCheNo- Um, what party lines? How about you look at my "BIG Issues" section and then come back to me if you still think I'm a Democrat.
Bullish says2013-06-27T15:46:39.453
Let's look at what's gong on here: (1) JustCheNo is being intellectually dishonest (or another possiblity, but if I said it I would be accused of insulting) by subjectively phrasing an opinion question. (2) x2MuzioPlayer pointed it out. (3) JustCheNo rants about irrelevant things like "don't believe the left wing media" and non-existant immigration laws. (4) Got busted for being irrelevant on just about every front. (5) Starts accusing others of "intellectual dishonesty" because they pointed out his intellectual dishonesty.
x2MuzioPlayer says2013-06-27T16:10:24.647
@Bullish- Yep, I've pretty much realized he's incapable of responding to me and resorts to personal attacks, which frankly, are a complement to me if the only alternative to "liberal hack" is a "conservative nut-job".