• Read the Definitions

    There is this controversy about how graphic design is or isn’t art. It is my personal opinion that graphic design is, in fact, art but to prove my point I’ll give you the definition for both. First, the definition that I pulled from Google of art “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” I will argue more with this but now lets back this up with Google's definition of graphic design, “the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books.” The first thing I want to point out if the fact they in the actual definition of graphic design is defined as an “art”.

  • Yes, graphic design art.

    Graphic design usually is to satisfy commercial needs but that does not mean it is not part of art. It also requires thoughts and creativity of the creator. A graphic design could also serve the purpose of creating a theme to a viewer as much as other type of art, therefore, graphic design is art.

  • What would you call graphic design if not art?

    There are many, many styles of art from music, to painting, sculpting to drawing. And as a student still in an art school for graphic design it really is an art. You still need to be creative. You do take classes for life drawing, and realism. You also learn a lot about creativity with fonts. As well as how to have programs help or enhance your own work.

  • Certainly can be

    Art is a very subjective term, and graphic design obviously has a lot of focus around creating visually appealing things. Of course the two can be one in the same, like any other form of visual expression it's not true 100% of the time but graphic design can absolutely lead to art.

  • Graphic design has feeling

    By definition, anything that has an emotion, or can inspire emotion into someone else is considered art. But does this mean that films and video games are art? Absolutely. Again art is defined by the fact that it can inspire emotion. So (spoiler) the ending of Shadow of The Colossus' ending made me cry, and it inspired sadness in me. So anything visual or non visual can be art. ANYTHING that inspires emotion can be artb

  • Yes, graphic art is design.

    Yes, I do believe that it can be argued that graphic design is art. Art encompasses many different aspects in my opinion, and I believe that graphic design would fall under the category of art. There is no reason not to consider graphic design art since a new product is produced.

  • Yes, graphic design is art.

    Yes, I believe that it can be argued that graphic design is art. Art encompasses many different aspects in my opinion, and I believe that graphic design would fall under the category of art. There is no reason not to consider graphic design art since a new product is produced.

  • Too technical and Commercial

    When i want to make a graphic design i approach it (was taught to approach it) in a far different way than creating an artistic piece of work such as sculpture, clay forms, and drawing/ painting. With art, i can be free have a clear mind and create awesome looking things in a way that looks great to me and therefore every other on-looker and get an A on the project. In graphic design, when i have a really awesome piece that looks good to me, typography, imagery, colors, and spacing, then i get critiques telling me otherwise, specific increments and font sizes to use why a certain letter doesn't seem to be the right shape of the counter, and other really boring stuff like that which is super insignificant (but must be changed to achieve that technological graphic design perfection that the teachers try to teach us is necessary). They say design with intent- there must be a reason for everything. When truly, if graphic design were an art, we could all just design awesome things and present it in final portfolio and get A's like we do in real art classes, and have as much fun like we do when we create real art with our hands. Commercial, digital, mathematical, graphic design is only initially creative. When it comes to fitting your art into someone else's needs and wants it changes everything.

  • Design and art are two different things.

    While design is often misconstrued as art, there is a great deal of difference between the two. Design works to solve a communication problem between the viewer and the designer's client. Design is not meant to be left up to interpretation, and should connect with the user almost instantly. A designer works to understand people; how they communicate, and how they solve problems on their own. Art, on the other hand, is purely based on the artist's imagination, and can be left up to interpretation by multiple viewers. Unlike design, art requires time to appreciate and understand. Understanding the purpose of a piece of art requires stepping back and repeatedly observing the piece; creating multiple answers to a question from multiple viewers. While art and design differ in purpose and goals, they still require a large amount of creativity.

  • No it is not

    It's stuck in between. Soon it will be considered an art due to the popularity of photoshop and other image manipulation software, and name graphic design will completely disappear and become replaced with the term UX or user experience design. Because that's the "graphic design" that matters today. They may teach graphic design in primary schools too, so maybe you should start looking into a more sensible profession.

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