Is Gravity Falls a good television show for kids?

Asked by: SnaxAttack
  • Friendship and Family Above All Else

    Gravity Falls seems to get a lot of flak due to it's hidden jokes and dark subject material. I think a lot of adults tend to forget that kids aren't delicate snowflakes; they deal with complex issues every day because, like all of us, they live in the real world. Where Gravity Falls is so valuable is that, while it contains lots of gags and jokes and fanciful adventures, it doesn't shy away from the struggles that kids face. One of the biggest cruxes of the show is a moment where Mabel has to decide whether or not to trust a family member who seems to be lying. Another arc follows her decision to be friendly to someone who's repeatedly bullied her. On a lighter vein, but still serious, Dipper must weigh the happiness of his crush against his own incentives to separate her from her current boyfriend. It's all relative stuff, and through all their adventures, friendship and family are always the guiding factor.

  • A unique show that sticks out from the rest, a diamond in the ruff.

    Gravity Falls may have the occasional adult joke, but today kids have access to social media, and google. If we really believe that kids aren't exposed to the adult world then you're in for a surprise. Gravity Falls appeals to kids of all ages. Gravity Falls is sure to keep older kids laughing and younger kids believing through the many discoveries of Dipper and Mabel. I am a thirteen-year-old that got their clever jokes but loved how they made unicorns, zombies and gnomes intriguing in such a way that many movies and books don't.

  • A great show

    Gravity Falls is an amazing show that except being the best Disney show of today - and maybe all time and all channels - also teaches valuable lessons that are a bit different from the usual "be yourself" and such that we usually see in Children's television. For example, in The Last Mabelcorn: "Morality is relative", which is very true. The characters are real, and for once we see a pair of siblings that doesn't hate each other and have a realistic relationship, which must be good for children everywhere. Sure there are some scary stuff in the cartoon, but let your kids watch it and IF, and only IF, they show signs of being traumatized or something you stop them. Most kids can handle that sort of things. There are adult jokes and such, but many kids won't get them anyway and if they do I really doubt they will be scarred for life because of them.

  • Kids need magic

    Gravity falls give some magic and character like "The last mablecorn" gives kids some creative ideas and the show also teaches kids to stand up for themselves and their family's, along with teamwork. If you are worried that they would repeat something there kids they would forget about it and it's better them saying reference of Gravity falls then family guy. #GravityFallsFan

  • I have never had so much fun watching a show.

    Gravity falls is truly fun to watch and even adults could find it enjoyable. In addition it has new concepts that give it a special touch, a unique show for children.
    Also if anyone objects to the occasional adult jokes, go find shows like Spongebob, Chowder and almost anything I remember watching as a kid. That give it the appeal for all ages, which allows families to bond over a nice show.

  • It's a good show

    I watched it. It was good. Not the best show I've ever watched, but alright. What more can be said? I have to fill up the 50 word requirement, so the rest of this is just going to be garbage.
    Here, have some garbage. You can also have some garbage. There, done.

  • A Show Full of Mystery and Creative Ideas

    As most of us know, television that is on nowadays is not as great as in the past; especially kids television shows. I mean, there are a few exemptions like "Girl Meets World" and "Regular Show", but the one show that has got my attention is the show "Gravity Falls". At first, like any new show, I was skeptical because of it being "new", but have come into a realization that it is a great television for kids.

    With its creative conspiracy story and darker environment, Gravity Falls is a show that any audience member can enjoy! The story gives a "pleasant" vibe with it being packed full of mystery about mythical beasts, and the rising story of the Author for the journal. It keeps the viewers on its heels, especially in the Second Season, with climaxing story, and gives the darker environment that anyone can relate too. Many can argue that the darker environment can be "too much", but it actually brings a more "mystical" tone, than other shows on television. It teaches kids about the world not always being "rainbows, unicorns, and gumdrops", but our world is not perfect in any means.

    The characters are wonderful and have their own "Character Arc". With the mysteries of Grunkle Stan, and intelligence of Dipper; as well as Mabel's charismatic attitude. Its a show that can show relation to the characters, compared to most other TV shows for kids. Gravity Falls is a great show, with creativity and enjoyable story.

  • Well, yes and no. Mostly no.

    Gravity falls might be a kids show because it's Disney BUT did you realized that there were ADULT jokes? Examples like: OLD MC SUCK IT or when Dipper opens a treasure chest with girl magaziens or Dipper: This place is scary... Mabel: NOT AS SCARY AS DIPPER'S INTERNET HISTORY HEY OHH!! But yeah the adult jokes are offensive. And Disney can be a little un kid friendly like the Disney movie deaths. Tarzan when the man dies because of a vine hanging him. Yes and no but mostly no! Gravity falls is a little scary.

  • Edgy adult jokes buried in colorful kids animation

    Like the title says, gravity falls is a show with many things one of them being LOADED jokes for adults to catch on too and kids not to. Just like courage the cowardly dog or ren and stimpy gravity falls pushes the limits with jokes indented for adults buried in colorful kids animation, it also gets very dark with disturbing stories and visuals that draw elements from horror, so: teens and adults will love the quick simpsons-ish humour and courage the cowardly dog-ish dark and scary elements but kids watch at your own risk!

  • Loaded jokes for adults to laugh at buried in kid friendly animation.

    Just like the title says... Similar to shows like courage the cowardly dog, ren and stimpy (ect) gravity falls pushes the limits with suttle (well sort of suttle, kids wont get a lot of it but adults will catch on imidiatly) very edgey jokes IT IS BY NO MEANS A BAD SHOW its one of the smartest, greatest written cartoons I have ever seen! But if you have a smart lil kid they might catch on to the behavior and adult jokes and repeat them, and I don't think you'd want your kid going around thinking "when the cops aren't around anythings legal!" teens and adults will love it, i'd say pretty iffy for kids.

  • Not recommended for kids.

    Never seen so many adult intended jokes like on this show . It is disneys way to incorporate this kind of behaviour on our children . A lot of the bad things our children pick up on come from what they see on tv and , and what better way to let a show like this corrupt our childrens mind . Disney was only for kids and for the kids but not anymore.

  • Gobber, gobber...This TV show is a little off...

    In my opinion, this is not good for children. Disney is a wonderful place for the child's imagination, however too much imagination can be spooky if a child starts to care about spells, and curses along with adult jokes with creepy subjects for a friend. I definitely did not like the book at all...Not for my grandchild

  • Not for kids

    This is an amazing show but definitely not for kids it's filled with illuminati aspects. I'm 16 and I'm surprised why Disney is playing this content for kids but it's such a interesting and amazing show for teens. It's filled with jokes that kids won't understand and isn't appropriate for them but it's such an amazing show lmao

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