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  • No, Greece is not economically stable.

    If Greece were economically stable, then it definitely would not have needed the massive bailout from the EU government (though mostly funded by Germany's government surplus). The truth is, for Greece to truly recover, the government must be allowed to more or less fail completely, so that a viable government and economy can be established.

  • Greece is a hot mess.

    Productivity is not a priority in Greece. Growing GDP is not a priority in Greece. Greece has massive unemployment. Greece has more than 30 percent of the population getting assistance. How do you fix an economy that thinks productivity is optional for most citizens? In some ways this country does not look like a part of the EU at all.

  • Greece is in shambles

    Greece is in economic shambles. Very few people there work or pay taxes. There are extensive government benefits and debts that cannot be paid off by revenues. They have to make massive spending cuts and get the people back into the workforce. Greece is America in 20 to 30 years.

  • Greece has struggled since the financial crisis.

    The Great Recession damaged Greece greatly. It has not since recovered from the crash and in many ways the situation has grown worse. Political turbulence caused by emerging parties such as Golden Dawn has also had an impact on the Greek tourist industry which is a vital part of the Greek economy.

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