• Yes still important

    The country of Greece has gone through some very rough things over the last few years. The economy has collapsed and there have been major complications. However modern countries have a way of bouncing back and Greece should still be recognized as important in the Euro Zone. It will regain power over time.

  • Greece is not a viable member of the Euro Zone anymore.

    Greece is not a viable member of the Euro Zone and it should be removed in order to protect the strength of the Euro. Greece has high unemployment and there are frequently riots in the capitol. The country is on the brink of total collapse. It does not belong among strong countries like France and Germany.

  • Greece is dragging down the EU.

    Greece should probably never have been considered part of the European Union to begin with. They're not a viable member of the Euro Zone, and their ongoing economic and political problems indicate that they are not following the letter or spirit of the EU's constitution. They need to be dropped and go it on their own.

  • Greece is bringing down the Euro Zone.

    Not merely Greece's economic problems but its rising social unrest are proving to be detrimental to the Euro Zone. Other European Union members are using Greece to establish arguments for expelling member nations and for preventing other nations from joining. Greece's membership is, in effect, creating an elitist alignment of wealthy, steady European nations.

  • Greece is not a viable member of the Euro Zone.

    Greece is not a viable member of the Euro Zone. Greece has been on the edge of debt crisis for a long time. If they do not come up with a solution quick then they will be spiraling out of control. They need someone in power that will make the kind of decisions they need to recover.

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