• Yes, Greece's economy is improving.

    Greece's economy is improving. There are more jobs in the country now. Additionally, the currency is no longer crashing and there are not constant riots. The EU has done a great deal to ensure the improvement of the economy of Greece. Additional jobs and stabilization of immigration will continue to improve the economy of Greece.

  • The crisis is over.

    Yes, Greece's economy is improving, because there are no longer reports of entire collapse. Greek was in a very critical situation with its banks in 2007, and that panic is largely over. The economy all over the world has stabilized. Greece has seen improvement because the rest of the world has improved. Their currency is now stable.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    the foreign tourist companies are doing well because the people are flocking into the all in package holidays.. And now they get extremely cheap Greek workers to boot. The Greek tavernas, cafes and tourist shops are still going out of business because tourists do not spend money in the local economy.

  • No, it is not.

    Greece’s crisis-hit economy is failing to enter a recovery phase. The contraction in GDP is expected to have worsened in Q3 after improving mildly in Q2. The VAT increase that took place at the start of the quarter is likely to have stifled already meager household spending and hampered business investment, and incoming data has been poor.

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