• Greed is the Primary Driving Force

    For a long time, indians have been deprived of freedom and opportunity. The causes of deprivation aside, the end result is a constant urge to be better - atleast better than the neighbors. Opening up of economy has opened the flood gates to opportunity to make more money. Hunger is still the problem for a significant population but for others, even hunger of downtrodden is yet another opportunity to make money. Greed with lack of patience and industry now gives rise to crime. This probably is the price we have to pay for the improvements we saw in the last few years.

  • Yes , up to a point

    Look at the movie industry . That can be a good indicator . Most movies in India are far from real , show beautiful men and women were gorgeous dresses , lot of dancing , etc . This can be compared to American movies of the 1950s , but more larger than life . Indians did not even like Slum dog Millionaire because the film exposed some realities , but still in a fairy tale manner ,

  • Extreme Poverty Causes Crime

    Extreme poverty in India has been brought to the forefront because of the horrible cases of rape in Mumbai, the capital. Greed is one driving force in India whether it comes from outsourced customer service in America or huge slums in Mumbai, the 1.3 billion inhabitants of the world's largest democracy deserve better than what they have now.

  • It's just upward mobility.

    Ambition can sometimes be mistaken for greed. India is a nation that until fairly recently did not even have a middle class of note. The people there have seen that there is a way up and out of crippling poverty, and they are very motivated to better their lives for themselves and their families. This is not greed by any stretch.

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