• Of course they are!

    People seem to think that, just because it's not super aggressive or EXACTLY like op ivy or the Ramones, it's not punk. Punk has always been about individuality and doing things your own way, sure, the sound has a big part, but when you staple a bunch of rules on PUNK ROCK, you sound COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS. Punk rock is free and expressive. Each album they've ever made has at least ONE song that's punk rock. (minus Dos! And Tre! But those albums weren't that great to begin with) when you keep yourself in this bubble of what your idea of punk rock is, it's extremely close-minded. And to everyone who's whining about them changing, please listen to "Let Yourself Go" both for its message AND to invalidate your claims that they weren't punk rock after American Idiot.

  • They were punk rock but today they are more punk pop

    They were a punk ROCK band in the 90s which was 20 years ago right? Today they are more pop punk than rock punk... They are still punk but the question should be: is green day still rock?? That question would be a the right one... (they are pop.) pop pop

  • Critical of the gov't

    As can be seen by viewing the twitters of each band member, billie joe in particular, the band are still critical of the gov't, which has been a principal tenet of punk since it's earliest incarnations, as seen in classic punk bands such as the clash and the dead kennedys.

  • Pop punk/ punk

    Stange that a scene all about inclusiveness and doing your own thing has such strict requirements to be a member. The Ramones started punk for all intents and purposes. Listen to their songs, and then listen to Green Day, especially, but not only, Dookie and Insomniac. The Ramones were a return to old school rock and roll, and were largely influenced by bubblegum bands. And all this about "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" making them not punk? Listen to "Questioningly" by the Ramones. Punk. It's a good thing.

  • Kings of Punk

    Green Day are real Punk Rock. They re revolutionized the genre. Punk is about individuality, going to the beat of your own drum. They did things their way. Sure, they signed with a major record label. But they were hesitant and only signed because they trusted the guy to not screw them over. And yeah, they made some songs that may not be the most "punk", but they for one had the balls to do so, and those songs have meanings beyond the style. And don't even say the Broadway show isn't punk. They took a loud, obnoxious, and in some ways, offensive music and took it to Broadway. They took Broadway of all things and put punk rock in it. That is true punk. They did it their way and worked to get to where they are.

  • Green day has punk in there blood

    Yea sure maybe they have a different style now but it's still quite good . Everyone hits a rough patch but they made up for it. Overall green day is very punk rock. Times change so they decides to change up there style which is a good thing . They experiment different types of music . The way billie mumbles all his words is punk as hell!!!

  • They're still punk

    Allthough their sound changed to more pop-rock sound i still think they're punk because they have their own opinion and do whatever they want. And songs like Let yourself go are still crazy, and I like the crazy-fast songs that give my a racing heartbeat. Also I think they appear how they want to, that's also punk.

  • Definitely punk, forever

    Green Day are punk, always have been and always will be punk. They are one of the bands responsible for BRINGING BACK punk. They are not pop, as they actually make their own music instead of using strange technology, and their lyrics actually stand for something. They are punk rock, end of story.

  • They are still punk

    Green Day is still punk and i know Uno Dos and Tre were the worst albums they had (in my opinion) but punk is not just about sound, it's more about your opinion on things and then you turn them into songs. In my opinion they are punk they just had to evolve a bit but they have on or two good songs on the newer albums (PS listen to the lyrics)
    Sry for my bad english ;)

  • Just because they are mainstream doesn't mean they aren't punk.

    There have been many punk bands that went mainstream. Rancid, The Clash, The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, and Offspring all got popular, but no one debates whether or not they are punk or not. (I'm not debating labels, if a band becomes really popular i consider them mainstream) Another thing to keep in mind is that if you hate something because it's mainstream then you become mainstream. (either way you are screwed) The way I see it is that if Green Day wants to be punk then they are punk, if they don't then they are not. It's not like they care what the people that hate them think anyway, and that just makes them more punk because punk is about doing what you want. Although their sound changed, their attitude didn't and they will forever be remembered as punk rockers.

  • Green Day vs. My definition of Punk

    I am a huge fan of Punk Rock Music. My definition of Punk is it has to be a song that is:
    1. Full of Energy
    2. Simple Chords and Lyrics
    3. Constant Distortion

    Not all of Green Day's songs are Energetic. Take for Example "The Time of your life" one of their biggest hits. The song has no energy what so ever. There's a freaking cello in the song for gods sake. Now Punk Artists like the Ramones, The Sex Pistols, and my personal favorite band, The Screamers, could get you ready for a mosh pit in an instant. "21 Guns" will not. "The Time of your life" Also seems hard to play and boring to sing. Also Billie Joe Armstrong sounds like his vocal chords are coming out of ears. Green Day songs have distortion, but it needs to be CONSTANT distortion to be punk. Take the Sex Pistols once again. There was no stopping of oncoming energy. Billie Joe Armstrong sounds like he has no charisma at all. Ok back to distortion: Green Day uses it but not enough. They are not real punk. They are part of the crappy genre known as "pop-punk," with bands like Blink 182 and Good Charlote

  • I know punk. They are not punk.

    Punk is Rise Against or Bad Religion. A couple of their songs have traces of punk, but they are not punk, and they have never been punk. I don't see how songs like Christie Road or At the Library are punk, at all, and those were some of their firsts.

  • After their Uno Dos Tre albums certianly not.

    Just listen to their new albums! Its all auto tuned, making billie joe sound like a zombie. The guitar in their new songs is weak, compared to their 1994 album Dookie. Dookie is know for being punk and having the distinct strong guitar and basically pure 90s punk. If you listen to their albums Insomniac from 95 and Nimrod from 96 they still have a Dookie like sound but the lyrics have more attitude and more style but still punk. Warning from 2000 as one of their experimental albums, but songs like Minority still have a punk type feel. American idiot from 04 and 21st century breakdown are basically rock opera, protest art material criticizing president Bush.

    Here's the defonition of punk rock from www.Dictionary.Com

    Punk Rock:

    a type of rock-'n'-roll, reaching its peak in the late 1970s and characterized by loud, insistent music and abusive or violent protest lyrics, and whose performers and followers are distinguished by extremes of dress and socially defiant behavior.

    See, that matches the majority of their earlier works. But not their latest. Punk concerts usually have people screaming, a lot of them with punk dress and hair. All you see now at green day concerts are girls in pink tees talking about how hot they think billie joe is. Listen to their new music too. Its nothing like their early stuff.

  • They were punk rock but today they are more punk pop

    They were a punk ROCK band in the 90s which was 20 years ago right? Today they are more pop punk than rock punk... They are still punk but the question should be: is green day still rock?? That question would be a the right one... (they are pop.) pop pop

  • Green Day isn't punk anymore, nor they are punks.

    I don't hate Green Day older stuffs (39/smooth, Kerplunk, Dookie and Insomniac) while I think Nimrod and Warning. However, I do hate American Idiot and any albums they released after this one. Green Day started as a punk band but they stopped to be punk after Insomniac (they also went downhill after this album). 39/smooth, Kerplunk, Dookie and Insomniac were their only "punk rock" albums. The reason why this band isn't punk even if they started as a punk band is because they made more non-punk albums than punk albums. Period.

  • After 2004, the birth of modern pop, they are not...

    Green Day used to be an amazing punk group. Dookie is still my favorite punk album, and probably always will be. But after American Idiot, they turned to what became popular, which is pop. And pop is just synthesizer, computers, and digital effects. Unfortunately, the punk revival group that was born in the 90s is now dead, and replaced by a bunch of "pop-punk" idiots.

  • They aren't punk anymore.

    I've always been a Green Day fan, but after American idiot, they drifted on to something they're not. I think it's a shame that people think that songs like 'Nuclear Family' are punk. Green Day's older albums like, 1039 Smoothed out slappy hours and Kerplunk were their peak of punk.
    My favorite Album however is insomniac. Warning was the last punk album that they made (in my opinion)
    unless Green Day decides to make new songs like their old ones, i'm afraid they'll never be punk again.

  • They originally were, but they have gone back on their own mentality since then.

    Originally, there was a quote by Mike Dirnt that says that selling out is essentially sacrificing musical integrity for fortune and (The point I'm trying to make) relevancy in the public eye. If you're a game creator, and you made a game and made somebody (That's quite famous) the focus of it, and the reason why it mainly sells is because it has their name attached to it, and doesn't have much relevancy to that subject's matter, the person that signed onto it has sold out a bit. Case in point, the Angry Birds Green Day theme. What similarities do Angry Birds have to Green Day? None.

    This doesn't count for people such as Tony Hawk and Metallica, who've had games made about them, as those sets of games have them, and what they're known for in focus (The 'Tony Hawk's' game franchise and 'Guitar Hero: Metallica')

  • No, they are not

    This is not about being mainstream or the "attitude".
    It's not just about rebel yells or because you like them.
    They are not punk anymore, they don't follow what they believe anymore. They write pop songs because they like it like that.
    I don't blame them, they are not better or worse musically just because they are or not punk... But they are not.

  • No, not in a long time

    Green Day has long since evolved (or devolved, depending on who you ask) to something that is nowhere near punk. They've been very successful in doing so, I can't say when I bought Dookie in 5th grade I expected them to have this much of a shelf life. But here they are, doing some kind of emo thing that is way off of punk.

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Bruinshockeyfan says2013-08-17T04:48:27.567
Forgot to add. Google 90s punk bands. Green day is the first to show up for most mentioned. Is it still the 90s though?