Is Greenland an unclaimed area (yes) or a place with Inuits (no)?

Asked by: Adam2isback
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  • I swear people are so dumb it's hilarious

    Everyone knows that Greenland is home to the Inuit people. Lol
    I swear some people are so stupid. The people who say Greenland is unclaimed territory and has nothing are so dumb it's hilarious to even fathom at. Some people are so stupid. It's like stupidity runs in their blood

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cludwig says2014-12-23T04:44:22.630
Neither option fits. Greenland is a fully autonomous nation within the Kingdom of Denmark. It is an independent and self-governed country unto itself.
philochristos says2014-12-23T05:05:51.370
Greenland is a dreadful place, it's a land that's never green, where there's ice and snow and the whale fishes low and daylight's seldom seen.
Vox_Veritas says2014-12-23T21:37:55.530
So...What you're saying is that less than 70,000 people have a right to a piece of land which is bigger than Mexico in size? By what criteria is the land theirs?
Adam2isback says2014-12-23T21:52:23.980
Adam2isback says2014-12-23T21:53:10.340
Criteria -- they were there first, long before Denmark tried to conquer them, and Denmark, though giving them autonomy in 1979, still needs to give them independence.