• They are too stubborn to continue.

    Republicans have decided to go full stupid in the last six years, they've decided to cast themselves as the Party Of No. So since they've gone to those extremes, gridlock will be inevitable and unavoidable for them. And the rest of the United States will watch as the GOP slides into irrelevancy because of it.

  • As long as the strongest GOP voices refuse to compromise

    Gridlock isn't likely to end unless the Republicans agree as a party, that they are willing to work with Democrats. They maintain that they are willing to compromise, but keep demanding ridiculous concessions for doing so. They often tend to insert these, knowing that some of those concessions are definitely deal-breakers. As long as the party bows to the "naysayers" gridlock won't end.

  • No it's not

    I do not think that the gridlock is unavoidable for Republicans if they play their cards right. I think that the Republicans can avoid gridlock with careful planning and a good strategy. Nothing is impossible. Republicans can avoid a gridlock with hard work and determination. They just need to stay focused.

  • No, they need to listen to their constituents.

    No, gridlock is not unavoidable for the Republicans, but the Republican leadership needs to listen to its members. Those in power have a much different vision for the country than the masses who actually show up to vote Republican. The Republicans even try to make sure that Tea Party candidates do not get elected. This is counter productive. If the Republicans would just work together, that would not be an issue. But those in power want power more than they want consensus and progress.

  • Have to Not Listen to Conservatives

    Republicans can avoid gridlock, they just have to turn a deaf ear to the most conservative elements of the party. Rep. Ted Cruz of Texas was one of the problems regarding the most recent government shutdown. The GOP needs to grow up and be more welcoming of minority members, otherwise the gridlock will continue within the Republican ranks rather than against Democrats.

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