• Yes, it is.

    Growth is essentially what causes biodiversity. Without it, genetics run short and malformations and defectiveness start to develop. With biodiversity, you get more genetic diversity and therefore more healthful and thriving species. This is essential to any living species on earth if it is going to continue and not go extinct.

  • Growth is a great thing as long as it isn't overwhelming

    Biodiversity doesn't necessarily mean that we will have an environment with lots of small groups of different things, but instead it just means a variety of different things. Growth helps to demonstrate that certain areas are expanding while other areas may not. Growth is great for different animals to prosper. There may be many different predators but only one kind of prey. Having growth will help out all the predators while ensuring that the prey continues without extinction.

  • Yes, economic growth is good for biodiversity.

    When the economy is weak, people can not defeat the barriers in place for the cost of food that has not been artificially decreased to the current level because the economy is dependent on industrial food. It is even harder to get to the point where farmers using more permaculture and similar processes are more prevalent if the organic farmers' markets are too expensive for most. The support for the EPA will follow the same root in seeing support and donations. The lack of economic strength is often what stops people, and I see that many more people than there are would support a better environment if they had better circumstances. Essentially, these issues touch upon understanding and supporting biodiversity on a need-based level.

  • Change is Good

    As evolution takes it's course in our biological clocks, there is a necessity to change and survive the harsh world. A benefit of genetic diversity is that the problems that one particular type of gene struggles with, may be the strength of one being shared by another. With this there is potential to evolve into something much greater.

  • Human population growth threatens biodiversity

    Biodiversity, which is a key feature of life on earth, is threatened by the growth of the human population. As people move into new areas, they begin to use natural resources, and to select for things they wish to cultivate. If there are a lot of trees in an area but humans only want one type, it is easy for them to change the environment so that only that one type of tree is present.

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