• Gta5 is better than ghost

    Gta 5 is better than ghost because in gta 5 you can buy cars house's. You can edit your person but in ghost you don't have as many options to chose from like in gta 5 you can change your hair clothes car custom mod for your car. Gta 5 is way better

  • Cod Ghost is better.

    It may be a crap game but yo, it still has people playing it plus gta gets boring. Cod is actually competitive and gta is show off heaven. When you get gta new, spawn in online, get rekt by a hydra. Respawn in a new lobby nobody kills you. You go into a parkour match, immediate death by tank. In cod you have a chance (unless a noob tube duh) to survive, level up, get new weapons, and you can play zombies too! And there are way more game modes than gta. Also gta has hackers. Cod ghost bearly any. This is why cods better.

  • Gta is waaaay better

    First of all us grand theft auto fans dont have to worry about getting all hyped up about a game and then find out that the game is shit (call of duty ghost) we can easily preorder our games and know we wont have to worry about our money being wasted because we know rockstar always dose a good job all cod dose is realese another shitty call of duty game every year without putting any effort into it

  • Callofduty sucks butt

    Gta is so much better than cod so beat it call of duty so go get a bowling game or something and then you can go bowling on that game and beat it and get out of my home and gta is way better and you can drive cars and stuff.

  • GTA 5 is more realistic and more fun

    I enjoyed the hell over Call of Duty games until GTA 5 came. I mean GTA 5 has these advantages. Better Graphics,Better online, Vehicles, Money actually matters,Story mode is amazing,3rd person and 1st person!, Unlimited levels,Jobs,Alchohol,phones. There's more. I can't put them in because I used up too much words.

  • GTA is way better than any. OD game GTA 5 is better than any Call of Duty game

    Gta 5 constantly offers new features Maps game modes guns and cars, you'll be lucky if u get a new cod map or gun every couple months.Not to mention the freedom of the game allowing you to go miles far and wide being able to do practically whatever you want, with call of duty you are crammed into a tiny map with hardly any freedom other than shooting and killing people. My point is GTA 5 offers much more opportunities and chice to do what u want.

  • Gta > cod

    COD you just shoot, kill, die, repeat. You cant even list the amount of stuff you can do in GTA. All those COD 5 year old say the same thing, "We have better graphics!" Is that really the only thing you have over GTA, because if everything else triumphs, then GTA > COD for sure

  • You can do literally anything... (Within reason of course)

    "In CoD all you can do is capture objectives and kill people. While in GTA 5 you can still do that on the online multiplayer, but there is so much more to offer in it's expansive open-world, sandbox environment. CoD is usually limited to an arena or linear campaign mission. GTA is not controlling. It doesn't care what you do." - D. S.

  • Gta 5 is better call of duty fuck off

    Come on call of duty is nothing much than killing and killing GTA 5 has more things to do like flying ,boat riding,driving cars,buying new clothes .Apartments.Yachts and more like that and it is more fun to do more things than just killing a random chosen team of players

  • Yes, by a landslide.

    I havent played gta 5 but i did play cod ghosts and it was a dissapointment, so i quit playing fps ever since, due to their repetitiveness, except of course for cs go. If i could, i would play gta 5 24/7 with my mates, you can simply do WHATEVER comes to mind, with the randomness of real life events, so youre bound to have fun. Cod on the other hand seems like a shackle to me, you only have 1 objective, kill the enemy.

  • Call of Duty:Ghosts is superior in gameplay than GTA 5

    The graphics and playability of Grand Theft Auto 5 are nowhere near what Call of Duty Ghosts supports. The storyline of Grand Theft Auto 5 is tired and tries too hard to recapture the fire and originality of the first game. Call of Duty Ghosts has a straightforward and thoughtful plot and players can easily immerse themselves into the game to complete their missions.

  • Two different games, but Ghosts is more fun.

    I like the GTA games a little bit but I would rather play the Call of Duty line of games. I think that FPS shooters with longevity in the online section of gameplay tend to last longer in my library. I would prefer to play Ghosts over GTA 5, definitely.

  • Depends on the gamer.

    To be completely honest, I have not played GTA 5 and only played Call of Duty: Ghosts a little bit. That being said, I think it depends on the gamer and what franchise they prefer. I think both franchises at this point have become quite repetitive and just release the same game every time.

  • No, it is not.

    GTA 5 has many great qualities that fans of the GTA series will love. However, Ghosts has also done just as well and made improvements in the Call of Duty series as well. In the end it comes down to a persons preference rather than which is better because they are two different type of games.

  • It depends what you can do and what you like.

    In GTA five, you have sex with a hooker and kill her. What is the point of doing that when you can't do it in real life. Also, if you think COD ghost sucks--wich it doesn't, at least it doesn't have psychos, cross dressers, and people who are not clever. GTA 5 dose, and his name is Trevor.

  • I believe cod has mpre to offer.

    Gta is very inappropriate and has many things that shouldnt be there because parents dont know why they want gta and later find out that its inappropriate then take it away from the kid. And cod has much more goals then gta when ur finished with gta ur board and there is nothing to do anymore. But cod u can set many goals. And they never end. (Never end). And there are lots of more detail to the campaign then gta will ever have. I've played both all the way through. And gta is a fuck fest. But cod u can get camos, zombies , extinction, multiplayer, skins, Easter eggs, and people say in cod u cant dress ur character. Then why dont they go on PC and see for them selves.COD 3. And cod has more memberable moments in cod such as soaps death, captain price, masins death, reznov.

    Now tell me if gta has ANY memberable moments?
    It doesn't all it has in it 3 characters killing people and doing hiests. Well all it has is wether u kill Michel or Trevor like how cares anymore. And I did research and it says over $1 billion people bought COD ghost when it first came out and over $800 million bought gta 5 when it first came out. Website:

  • CoD is more addictive. Therefore better.

    These are two entirely different games.
    GTA rocks the sandbox environs better than any other and is a habitat for gamers who want a Second Life.
    CoD is an action shooter at the top of its trailing rivals and is the most addictive competitive multiplayer game to date.
    If I had to choose the better game though it would be CoD as its multiplayer is more intense and more highly replayable with the coupled addictive gameplay.
    Multiplayer > Offline Campaign in this day and age.

  • What is better than cod:ghost

    I think cod ghost is fun and awesome but gta 5 is soooo stupid but i like the easter eggs in ghost the best in hand is not gta5 it is the cod series
    i like bo1 shangila zombies map dam you vonderharp and infinety ward the joke is on you.

  • Cods is best

    In cod there are a lot of things you can do not like in gta in cod you can play things like zombies, campaign, multiplayer and more in gta all you do is play story mode and online and cod has zombies and gta doesn't have zombies. And there are a lot of maps.

  • COD is better

    The only point to GTA is to break the laws, go to strip clubs, and just destroy crap. If you like gta you might as well become a gangster and do everything you do in there. If you're looking for a story come to COD because GTA is all about thug life.

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