• Gta is fun for kids

    I believe that gta is fun because it shows you lessons you need to know. Also it gives you weapons to defend yourself from other people that want to fight you. Lastly it shows you how to use motorcycles in ramps. Thats why i belive tha gta is a fun game

  • Violent video games have good effects too, such as aiding Dyslexics in reading.

    As stated in “9 Ways Video Games Can Actually be Good for You” the author claims that a study performed by the University of Padua shows that playing fast paced video games can help Dyslexic kids read better. “The team separated children age 7 to 13 into two groups, one of which played an action game called "Rayman Raving Rabids" while the other played a lower tempo game. “When the reading skills of the children were tested afterwards, those who played the action game were capable of reading faster and more accurately.” This information could aid parents who did not know how to help their Dyslexic child, or maybe the parents know how to help their child but the kid is not interested in the parent’s idea.

  • Yes, it really should

    Guys, I love GTA but I can't play it. My parents don't let me. You don't even have to be bad on it! You can be a normal good human being! Yah, I get that there are bad words, killing, and police chasing, but if you can handle it, then I think you should be able to play it.

  • To a certain extent

    I think that it is good for anyone above 10. Age 10 was when I started playing it and at that age I was well aware that everything in the game is fake. I had lots of fun, but at that age I knew that what happened in the game, stays in the game.

  • It is really inappropriate for kids.

    No kids should play GTA because there is high violence, nudity, and one GTA game was rated AO and was banned from most stores. Also, it teaches kids bad stuff. Any game like Minecraft, or ROBLOX is A-OK to play. GTA is not a good game for people under the age of 17 years.

  • Gta is not so good

    I am not really against GTA but it is a very crude game anyways. I hear about inappropriate stuff, but it is not a good game either. Working as a criminal is not so beneficial either. Play Kingdom Rush, play Clash of clans, even play Call of Duty and Injustice but not this game

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