• Yes it is

    GTA is a seminal franchise that is far better than a licensed tie-in like Batman origins, so yes of course it is better. How could anyone even ask this? Clearly GTA, especially GTA 5 is far better than Batman Origins, so even asking this is ridiculous. Who is writing this stuff?

  • GTA is based in reality

    Batman is fantastical and, while it can be fun, batman just doesn't mesh with real life as well, which is part of the gaming experience. In order to fully experience a game, you have to believe it first. GTA is fantastical, in the sense that the gameplay involves being shot numerous times, never going to a hospital, yet surviving. But it is based in a fictional reality. Batman is based in fantasy. GTA is better.

  • Of course no

    Batman has a far better gameplay , a far better story and a far better side lmissions . GTA is a bad sp game , but it has one of the best multiplayer ever . GTA missions are really mediocre or bad and the open world is just about stealing cars and driving .

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