• Not "evil" but just bad in general

    Gta V just never stood up to the story of Gta IV, or San Andreas. The game's graphics and athmosphere are too "bright" for a game like Grand Theft Auto. Online has gone to boring roleplay instead of the fun and exiting: "Invite your friends, get the weapons and murder all of the players on that server while driving an armored car." introduced back in Gta IV. And yes, this is my PC review. But the story is just so lazily made and written, it throws the characters in like you already have to know them, unlike in San Andreas where the story explained their backgrounds, and also made you "bond" with them.

    6/10 "Gta V was slight a disappoitment."

  • The game is repetitive, and has really lazy programming that makes it un-fun.

    The AI can blind fire with pinpoint accuracy, the civilian drivers have horrible AI and drive into you, the amount of money per mission is an insult at times, enemies can survive three sniper bullets to the gut, cops can tell you killed someone in a desert with a silenced weapon at night, car speeds are capped at a max so upgrading performance is pointless, and fixing all of these issues would likely not change performance or make the game any harder to run.

  • Loading, errors, connection drops, no sound, and cheaters

    Yes its a bad game. Not because the idea is bad, but how they did it is.
    I just played for almost 2 hours and managed to play 3 setups from a heist. Most of the time I had to reload the game due to connection errors (which I never have with any other game) once the online world s loaded I couldnt move, then I exploded and ofcourse.. A connection error.. When I make it to my heistroom I have to wait for 1 more player to join (playing with 2 friends) this takes about 5 minutes once he joined and we continue someone else gets a connection error. And this is how it kept going.. Resulting in me shutting down my computer.

    I run a 4th gen I7 with 2 titans and 32gb ram. On a 100/100 connection, so i doubt its my hardware or connection.

    In short, once they fix the loading times, connection errors, sound drops, and cheaters its a good game. Untill that its one of the worst games I ever played. Then again, i never really played it..I waited.

  • Kids can copy

    Kids can copy the characters in the game like cussing and flipping off and that's not a good thing for parents that has kids under 12 years old and parents really DO NOT WANT THEIR KIDS TO DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! So that's why gta 5 IS A REALLY BAD GAME FOR KIDS

  • I think GTA V is a pretty decent game.

    I think GTA V is a pretty decent game. Overall I have been enjoying it a lot more than I enjoyed GTA IV. There seems to be a bigger variety of things to do, and not as many boring missions as there were in GTA IV. I also like the city a lot more.

  • Crime-Ridden Game Isn't for Children

    Grand Theft Auto V continues the video game series for which the ESRB ratings system was created. Because of its M for Mature rating, the game can be labeled "bad." However, it is bad because of the immoral nature of the game. Robbing, raping and assaulting people for fun in a video game doesn't exactly set a good example for teens or young adults in real life. Video games should be an escape from society instead of embracing its underbelly.

  • Not a bad game

    This game has an ESRB rating of M for what you could do. A mature child knows right from wrong and won't do what they were taught not to do things generally. It has a lot less violence than other games. The only problem I see in it is the language, but even then kids have heard these words in real life. This game, if anything, teaches kids about real life and the aspects of social problems in society.

  • Grand Theft Auto isn't bad

    Grand Theft Auto isn't a bad game. Yes, it contains some material that may be inappropriate but the player can choose to engage in it or not. For example, the player can choose to go into a strip club or not. Also, the game doesn't force people to act bad in real life. People have a choice in their actions. It is not the games fault. Further more, this game is not a bad game.

  • This game is good

    This game isn't bad because you are not force to kill like in call of duty or other war games but you can do anything what you want.Gta is the game which you can compare very good to real life but it is not 100 percent realistic.This game can also help in reducing aggression .And you can do many good things than just killing people.Gta is the best violent game ever.I think it is as good as sims.YOU CANT SAY IT IS BAD.

  • Ok for teens and up or just mature child

    I feel that this game isn't very bad at all except for swears and other things that make it "bad" for kids. This game is actually very brilliant indeed and may be appropriate for a mature child who knows right from wrong. Most people who say it's bad say that based on the ESRB rating

  • Not that bad actually

    Look at all of the activities and everything else you can do in gta v than just evil. I also think the title of the game is just ridiculous, as in saying you dont have to steal cars you can buy one. Go get a job, house, money you do not not need these bad things.

  • No, it was good

    GTA V took some big steps forward from the last edition of the game, which is to be expected with such a long layoff. The multiplayer still didn't have anything in it to keep my interest, but the regular game cut out a lot of the obnoious additional fluff and focused on why people like GTA games.

  • Grand Theft Auto V is a Brilliant Example of Post Modern Art

    No, Grand Theft Auto V is not bad. Indeed, it is a brilliant example of post modern art as it serves the purpose of deconstruction. The violence in GTA V is over the top and ridiculous in some places. This lulls the player into a false sense of security. Then, shortly later the player will encounter a scene of realistic violence. This causes the player to ask why violence is fun in the first place.

  • GTA V is not bad.

    GTA V is not bad. Grand Theft Auto V is a fun game and the graphics are the best yet. The game play is fun and the game is just a lot of fun in general. I have always liked the GTA games and think that this one is another good one.

  • I don’t think that GTA V is bad. It’s just another video game.

    I don’t think that GTA V is bad. It’s just another video game. The fact that so many people think its bad
    just shows that it was extremely realistic.
    Video games are supposed to transport us into a world of fantasy. They are supposed to take us on a trip
    through our imaginations.

  • A question asked for more than a decade with little negagive impact

    I remember this controversy coming up when the first GTA, a top down low resolution game for the original PlayStation, came out almost 15 years ago. It has been asked with each generation of the game whether kids would go out and act out the violent acts they do in game. I think there's enough evidence at this point, that with tens of millions of the games sold, there's little negative impact on society. Play on!

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