• Yes, GTA V is fun

    I am a Fan of GTA Games (especially GTA 4, SA, V and Vice) these games you can change the POV, could rob banks (Mostly in GTA V but GTA 4 and SA and even Vice has it especially during missions) also you can mod these gta games, so instead of being unrealistic and boring you can change it to be more realistic and more fun.. There is a lot more but won't get into details

  • Calm down !!!!!

    GTA 5 is a game.
    Yes, it incules drugs, guns, gore and crime for fun but you said it is literally just fun !!! This game has not ruined many many lives this game has been used to relieve anger maybe your boss has angered you or maybe your friends

  • It is too inappropriate.

    This game creates a horrible example for children and incules drugs, guns, gore and crime for fun. This game should either be banned or become unpopular. This game has led to many shootings and killings and has ruined many many lives. It is addicting and I am no the only one thinking this. FIGHT GTA!!!!!

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