• Kids don't play this game

    Dear parents and kids

    I have been playing grand theft auto 5 since I was 18, I'm 19 and I'm more focused on multiplayer because its much better than story mode. Sure story mod is easier to mod and god knows what else, but the thing is this game should not be played by people under 18. Its a bad influence because there have been several school shootings, most last year, some this year in the U.S. I have seen kids on you tube and kids cussing at 10 and people not acting their age as a young kid should. Im just warning you parents. I would be carful about buying kids gta because one day their cussing,the next they are doing crime when they get to their teens age.

  • Yes, but not for Fox News's reasons.

    I will not be one of those people that says video games make killers. However, it's undeniable that kids are dumb and very easily suggestable. A violent act in a video game won't exactly make that kid pull a rocket launcher out and blow stuff up, but he'll think about violence more than he would if he hadn't played GTA V.

    If you're a parent, and you decide that Grand Theft Auto V, the game where you can stab hitchikers to death and then run over hookers, finally taking a stop at a strip club, you're a bad parent.

  • If it's NOT GOOD it's BAD. . .

    I've been reading some of the other sides posts, And I can't follow your theory. A lot of you are saying it's not a bad influence on children because you can choose what to do or not do. The word influence means to give an option and coerce someone to choose that option. When children look at the advertisement or even just the casing of the game it promotes sex and violence. That's called bad influence. We have to teach our children not to choose wrong, But we can't be hypocrites about it. If you don't want children playing with fire then stop buying them lighters. . . .

  • Aim for Better

    One of the philosophers I read, Says the greatest sin in America nowadays is to be bored. All of you arguing no subscribe to this. You want to support it, Because it is a great game, You know it is unhealthy for you and society. Mario and Link had us being heroic and protecting women. They were virtuous, When you play GTA. . . The dark side draws you in, A side that is all about yourself. It is like Blake's Proverb of Hell: "Better to steal candy from a baby, Than nurse an unacted desire".

  • Take it from a gamer

    There is a reason GTA is rated M, some scenes can be a bit mature. It depends on the kid and how mature they are, and if they are easily influenced. I'm 13 (was playing games with the same rating since I was 7)and I don't shoot people,rob banks,go to strip clubs,or anything like that. And I'm a girl and I don't have a problem with any of the sexist jokes. In conclusion it depends on the kid, and GTA does not influence kids.

  • Grand Theft Auto embodies "CONTROVERSY", what're you talking about?

    I've only played Grand Theft Auto 4 and a little bit of Grand Theft Auto 5 and, based on my experience with those games, I can confidently say GTA is nothing but a bad influence on society, chock-full of EVERYTHING associated with Crime and Violence.

    Did I also mention there's Vulgar Language, Racism, and Ignorance? That too.

    I don't know WHY people play these games, but, *shrugs* whatever makes them happy. Long as they can differentiate Reality from Video Games, that's fine. I still don't think highly of GTA. ✌

  • Grand Theft Auto has "Controversy" written all over it.

    I've only played GTA 4 and a little of GTA 5, and I honestly feel like this Video Game Trilogy is nothing but a bad influence on society, chock-full of:

    1: Racism.
    2: Ignorance.
    3: Stereotypes.
    4: Criminal Activities.
    5: No Role Models or Positive Messages.

    Plus, you've got all manner of Cheaters on Multiplayer and not much is being done about it.

    I get it, okay. People have enough commonsense to identify Reality from Video Games and wouldn't be stealing vehicles, going to strip clubs, dealing drugs, killing people, etc., but some people actually do these things and think it's okay to imitate what they see in Video Games in Real Life and that's where I think Grand Theft Auto is a bad influence on society. *shrugs* But hey, if people want to play GTA, go for it, nobody's stopping you. Just thought I'd give my two cents. ✌

  • I hate gta5

    This game contains violence, sexual content, drugs, and more bad stuff! This game is dumb and idiotic. This contains bad language. Nobody should play this. This game is also about being a criminal. This game should be banned! Why is it so popular? Even kids play it! I don't like that! Don't do GTA, kids.

  • I hate gta5

    This game is bad and must be banned. This game is NOT GOOD FOR ANYONE! This game will be banned one day when they see why it's bad. This game is played by MANY people and I hate that. Even children play it! I recommend this to no one. Don't do GTA, kids.

  • Yes i agree

    At the moment it has become very easy for children who play Grand Theft Auto to be lead on a path to a violent future. It has also become popular to blame children’s behaviour on violent video games. I am going to assess both sides of the story, which are whether children who play Grand Theft Auto can be led on a path to a violent future or not.

    I agree with “children who play grand theft auto can be led on a path to a violent future” because if the evidence that can be shown that children learn bad language and that they think its ok to be violent and its proven that it leads to a violent future and poor academic performance because children are addicted to playing violent video games and will prefer them over school.

    People should follow my view because children should not have a path to a violent future just because of a video game. GTA is a game for adults not children, therefore meaning that children should not be authorised access as adults are more likely to understand what is going on in the game. In the game it features women being portrayed as weak

  • GTA5 IS good!

    It is ok to have your child get GTA5. Do you really think your child is gonna be like "Mom! Im gonna kill you!" I learned to kill moms in a game. COME ON PEOPLE COMMON SENCE!!! A game is not gonna do that! No matter how violent it is.

  • Its not good or bad!

    The whole game is based of your choice, you don't have to do the story line if you don't want to, Your kid will not see anything bad in less he or she want's to, Just turn down the noise on the TV so the child can not hear the cussing, The game is not BAD and its not GOOD, its what you choose it to be. And too who that made 'Yes, but not for Fox News's reasons.' You have no right to say who is and who's not a bad parent!

  • Games don't affect kids.

    Gta v, or any other video game for that matter, don't affect people. What does affect kids is their parenting. Video games are for entertainment, and not rolemodels. If your kid knows that most of the things in the game are wrong and know the line between the game and life, then it shouldn't matter. I know what I am talking about because (a.) I'm 12 and (b.) I have been researching this topic for months.

  • Because if you watch elders react to grand theft auto it is not that bad of a game on freeplay swim bike drive fly explore

    So no grand theft auto is sort of a game for kids. And for all of you who think it's not a kids game is wrong. Ether you have a good normal life or be a complete jerk. That's why grand theft auto is good for kids 9-up ok you are wrong

  • Gta is not a bad influence

    It's only parents of kids that has the game who mostly complain about it,they think it's a bad influence for them. The only problem is why did they buy there kids a game rated M in the first place. Also why does people always look at the negative part of the game why not look at the panorama and the beauty of the landscape and nature. Also Gta is not only killing and stealing it's having fun with your friends doing races and doing funny stuff. Why only blame Gta when there is games that are even worst then Gta.

  • So much more to the game

    The game is an open world sandbox so it's all about CHOICES your child can CHOOSE to go to the strip club or not. Your child can CHOOSE to go kill people. There is so many more things to do in the game i.e. skydiving, mountain biking, swimming, boating, boarding, golf, tennis, flying helicopters, climbing mountains, exploring the map, biking, etc. the list goes on and on. It's all about choosing what you are going to do and how to do it. While it is very violent you can choose to avoid the violence and sex and nudity. You CHOOSE to go to the strip club, you CHOOSE to shoot police officers, you CHOOSE to run people over.

    Posted by: 8809
  • Nothing is forced

    In the game, you are never forced to kill or steal, but it is available. Although it is implied, you choose to do the missions and thefts. And none of the stuff that does happen against the players will is probably never gonna change how the child acts. The parents are responsible though, for buying a game that is rated M 18+. And even outside the game, the same kind of foul language and violence from the Internet, YouTube, Etc.

  • Games do not effect children as much as you think.

    Gta v is a violent game, and I will agree with that much. However, mass murders, and attending strip clubs are completely optional in the story,and you don't have to participate in them. What people don't realize is that it can be very fun, and you can get an actually legal job in the game, or just drive around and enjoy the country. Overall, if you have a line between a game and reality, your all set.

  • Is Gta 5 genuinely bad?

    After watching a few walkthroughs, in my opinion the game is very violent. Though then again these days it is very easy for children to access pornography websites. So many websites like Youtube have children listening to foul language. And so on. Its not what our children see anymore. Its how we teach them and show them what is right and wrong. So even if we do not let our children want to play video games like Grand theft auto, they will surely come across the same things as they grow up. Though I would say that the youngest age that a child should be to play GTA is 13-14 years old.

  • It doesn't teach kids to go kill any one they want they can go get a job in it or just drive around doing stunts.

    If people or parents think their kids will become killers because of this game they are the problem it is not the kids fault.Maybe the reason is your exposing him to things that he should not be exposed to.I would only let smart kids that don't get into trouble play it

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