• Splitting hair arguments

    I did not inhale. I did not have sex with that woman. I have not killed the Guantanamo inmates, yet. If Guantanamo is not yet the exact analogy of Auschwitz it would merely due to the fact that domestic and international political climates have not been sufficiently worked to allow that to happen. Guantanamo and other human and civil rights violating policies are the exact equivalents of the precursors of Auschwitz, whatever they were. Not yet there but leading there and getting very close, to put it in a few words. Destroying a village in order to save it would get little to no support from the populace. Killing the patient to effect a cure should never be the primary modus operandum of medicine. Guantanamo, is it a manifestation of the monster hunter transmogrifying into a monster himself? You decide.

  • Both are the same

    I see no difference between Auschwitz and Guantanamo. Have you seen picture of Guantanamo prisoners? How on earth you can have such prisons in 21 century. All Guantanamo prisoners are psychologically dead. So it is not a prison it is a death camp like Auschwitz. Those who says No let's wait and see. Soon there will be some whistleblower, I wish it happens soon.

  • Neither are or were really death camps

    Most of what you think you know about concentration camps is a lie. See on why Auschwitz wasn't a death camp.

    Death camps did exist, though... On the allied side. Unlike any German camp, Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadows death camps had the explicit purpose of exterminating people. They were intended to exterminate German Nazis.

    Read more @

  • Yes, it is similar.

    Guantanamo is a detention camp where suspects are detained indefinitely, deprived of their rights and sometimes tortured. However, it differs from Auschwitz in that Auschwitz was an extermination camp also, and not just suspected criminals or enemies were detained but instead detained people simply because of their ethnicity. In the sense that Guantanamo deprives people of their rights, involves torture and is kept secretive, it is as shameful as Auschwitz, but I think it is a more specific attempt to deal with suspected terrorists, not average people.

  • No it isn't

    If anything in America was like Auswitz it was the oriental internment camps. Though, there are not many facts known about the conditions of Guantanamo Bay. If it is like Auswitz we wouldn't know until after the fact, like the Germans, who didn't know that mass execution was occurring until after the war. They though it was like an improved ghetto/ resort where the Jews could love without effecting the economy.

  • No, to compare anything to Auschwitz is ignorant and belittling to those that died there.

    Nothing can compare to Auschwitz. While the United States my be detaining prisoners indefinitely and committing some acts of torture, this is where the similarities between the two detention centers end. Auschwitz was created as a death camp; its sole purpose was to kill. To say that this is what is occurring at Guantanamo Bay is unfounded and incorrect.

  • No, I do not think it is that bad.

    We are not rounding up all Muslims and placing them in the camp to murder them en masse. Yes, we need to be very, very careful of letting it get that far. Yes, this is a fair question to continually ask ourselves. If we don't learn from history, we are destined to repeat it. But I do not think things have gotten that bad as of yet.

  • NO

    While I will not deny that Guantanamo is horrible and should be shut down as soon as possible, it is hardly in the league of Auschwitz. To even compare the two is, to my mind, an insult to the memory of those that died in Auschwitz.

    I realize that we probably have torture and relatively bad conditions going on in Guantanamo, but I do not believe that we are murdering people by the thousands. I do not believe that we are starving people to death and running horrible experiments.

    The two are not even close. One is an indefinite detention camp, and the other was a death camp.

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