• Yes, I think Gulf War Syndrome is a serious problem today.

    Over a third of the total participants in the Gulf War came with back with symptoms that we now call the Gulf War Syndrome, I think this is a serious issue that requires treatment and funding to research cures and treatments for these men and women effected by Gulf War Syndrome.

  • Yes It Is

    Gulf War Syndrome was first associated with those deployed during the Gulf Wars of the 90's. They returned with more problems and they have been persistent since their return. Gulf War Syndrome is also being associated with those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, so the syndrome is a serious issue today.

  • Yes, Gulf War Syndrom is a serious issue.

    Anytime a group of people are afflicted with an illness, it is a serious issue. And if that illness is something caused by having somebody being in the military, then we should all classify it as a serious issue. There are still a lot of soldiers who are experiencing problems with it

  • The Gulf War Syndrome is a serious issue today.

    The Gulf War Syndrome is a serious issue today. Veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan may be suffering from the 20-year-old set of symptoms known as Gulf War Illness. This may be the first time that the symptoms suffered by veterans of the 1991 Gulf War have been linked to veterans of the current wars, which started in 2001 and 2003

  • not at all

    no, i do not think that this is a thing that is affecting any people that are here today. I think that the gulf war is far over with, and that there is not a person that is still here today that is thinking about it a whole lot now.

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