Is gum chewing appropriate in an educational environment

Asked by: pyrope413
  • As long as they use etiquette when chewing gum

    Yes I'll agree that sitting in class chewing like a cow, smacking it constantly is highly inappropriate because for other students it can be detracting. Especially considering gum is the size of a dime you don't need to be smacking it. However, if the gum is chewed in a manor where it is neither seen nore heard I don't see the issue with gum chewing.

  • Helps with focus

    Many studies show that chewing gum stimulates the brain and helps students focus. The mint helps ( I'm not sure why / how, just the nature of it I guess) and the actual act of chewing sends signals to the brain telling it to focus.
    Giving students the right to chew gum also give them freedom and makes them feel respected.

  • Chewing gum helps

    Science has proven that mint helps stimulate the brain. So being able to chew or suck on something minty would help kids learn, and take tests in a relaxed way. Many teachers actually provide gum, before a test (such like my old teacher) and test scores sky rocket. Chewing gum also can keep people busy with minimal interruptions from students. People have the privilege of chewing gum, but when they start abusing the privilege they shouldn't be allowed.

  • Im in school... I would know!!

    First off I would like to point out the fact that i am a high school student; therefore i believe i have the right to speak up for my fellow classmates. Chewing gum in school is beneficial because of multiple reasons, one of which to help kids with concentration, just as another way to let out excess energy, like when you tap your pen or jitter your leg. One might see that a distraction but another may see it as a learning technique. Many kids don't have the patience to sit still and also it is sad but it may help that significant person even just stay awake.

  • Your body agrees with chewing gum

    Your body makes basic assumptions about your environment when different actions are made.For example when your scared you may hum a tune and your body makes the assumption that if your huming like you do in every day life,you must be safe. Chewing gum works in the same way and can stop you feeling nervous during a test or can relieve stress during a lesson.

  • Unhealthy ggggg hb

    It gives you cavities and kids can stick it in other kids hair e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e

  • Detrimental to concentration
    the article cited above shows that chewing gum is detrimental to concentration in children with ADHD and children without. Given the results of this experiment, chewing gum to 'help concentration' is not a valid argument. Furthermore, one should consider that allowing gum to be chewed in class would result in damage to school property from children sticking gum under table and chairs.
    And lets not even get started on the health risks of having drool covered blobs of gum stuck all over the place.

  • It's very noisy

    Chewing gum is noisy, especially with children. Imagine a class of 25 kids chewing gum. It would almost certainly be distracting to some students. There is also the problem of cleanliness. Children are not particularly careful about where they put their gum. You can expect that most of it will end up under the desk or on the floor. Gum is extremely difficult to clean up.

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