• Gun control doesn't mean the absolute ban on guns.

    Gun control doesn't mean the absolute ban on guns. It simply calls for better regulation and monitoring of guns. I believe that most people can agree that highly modified weapons are far too easily accessible ( at least in the U. S). Better control of access could greatly reduce the amount of violence occurring by ensuring that those who are more likely to be a threat wouldn't be able to casually purchase a semi-automatic weapon designed purely to kill people. Within the same vein, It would confirm that those who aren't a threat to the safety of others are fine to have a gun if they wish.

  • People are traumatizing kids.

    PEOPLE THESE DAYS DON"T HAVE THEIR LIMITS!!!!!!!!! For real though. Kids these days are scared to go to school because they are worried that someone might shoot up their school. I though that schools these days were safe. I wouldn't like my kid to go to school and get killed. ITS JUST NOT FAIR. Shame on you people!

  • Yes, it is an issue.

    Many other countries imposed stricter gun control laws after their first mass shooting and the results soon followed. The United States, however, has not managed to change any laws. Many are opposed to new gun control laws because they misunderstand what people want done. They believe that all their guns are going to be taken away, but that is not the case. Gun control laws would control the amounts, kinds, and who can purchase them, not get rid of all of them.

  • Fear They Neighbour

    I just finished watching the series Fear Thy Neighbour, I know this is about disputes on domestic levels only but this seems to be where most gun issues arise.
    Something stood out to me after just season one.
    Nearly every dispute ends with people buying guns and it escalates where neither party back down and someone gets shot or injured.
    Now common sense clearly states that if no one had had access to these weapons then the violence that ensued would most likely not have ended with children, elderly and disabled people being shot.
    I know violence could still have occurred but maybe on not such a drastic level.

  • Gun Laws Social

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  • It is a social issue

    This is because it has a major impact on society, most obviously with increased mass shootings but also just in the promotion of violence in every day life. This is never good for a society to have so deeply rooted in its culture, tradition and history. Therefore, it is a social issue.

  • If someone needs a gun to make sure they are safe then let them have one

    It is not a Social ISSUE it is the persons ISSUE it is the persons issue not the Governments the only time its the governments issue is if they have to hurt the them don't let them Take our guns AWAY they don't have that right its a right and its not theirs to take it away.

  • People hurt people by their actions

    People don't have to use guns to hurt or kill a person they can use anything to cause harm to a persons and their life.When a crime is committed with a gun its spread around the whole world but when another type of weapon is used no one ever knows about it

  • Yes, its an issue .

    Guns st the very least contributes to crime that is happening today. It true the people are the ones killing people but guns is also a cause of it. It is possible for a person to get psychological problems in their life. Aggression is also a psychological problem. Most of the crimes is of these case and a presence of weapons strengthens the urge to kill. Eventually guns is also a issue.

  • No its not a god damn issue

    Maybe if you adults would teach your kids gun safety and teach them how to disarm them maybe they wouldn't be traumatized and second of all its not the damn guns fault it can't shoot itself if the gov actually did better background checks on people and tested to make sure they aren't crazy then stuff like school shooters wouldn't happen

  • THE UPRISING! Eh. 2018

    The time is upon us, Here is now. Spring to action, Gun control is now afoot. Our you, People of this great nation, Willing to sacrifice yourself to the hands of the government. Are thou ready for troubling times and a sea of news cover ups, The choose is in the hands of you my children. Gun control is our every right but abuse of such power is not. I stand beside the fact that many of you fine Americans believe that gun control is needed or not needed but I believe it should be allowed with certain rules of use. Not limiting but rules that will help prevent the UPRISING of riots. All of us must understand there our many other issues in our great planet that need discussing, Debating on a website instead of face to face, Well i can't speak for you.

  • If something is heavily controlled or made illegal does it disappear?

    How I feel about this issue is that gun control will not work the way it is being instated. What I mean by this is for instance during the Prohibition alcohol was made illegal but people still where drinking alcohol. Also drugs today are made illegal or they are "controlled" but we still have a drug problem in today's society. In Britten where they did ban guns their violent crime rates went up and murder by gun also went up. This happened because banning something does not make it disappear it just makes it illegal.

  • Guns are needed

    How would we protect ourselves if the government takes away our guns and someone comes into your home and threatens the life of your family and they had a gun that was acquired illegally, how are you supposed to protect your loved ones. The bad guys obviously don't follow laws in the first place so we would just be stripping ourselves of our protection.

  • NO, guns don't kill people, people kill people.

    You should have to have background check once a year and if your mentally ill you shouldn't own or be able to buy a gun. If we do get more gun control and criminals wont give up their guns, they will rob gun stores even if we have stricter gun control. Plus we have hunters like me that like to hunt for the tradition and to get meat, it's fun. Hunters shouldn't lose our guns for mentally ill people.

  • IT is not guns fault

    It is the person the person that is using the gun should be checked every year after buying the gun and go in more tests. It is never something fault like a lamp. Say if you push the lamp off and it broke who's fault is that. Yours. You push it. People always blame something else or someone else for their mistakes.

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  • It is a given right.

    Guns are not the issue in America today, people is the issue. We have grown from our basic Christianity traditions that we were founded upon. Our mental health system is failing terribly. We need to instill morals and fix the healthcare system. This fixes the problem rather than covering it up, which getting rid of guns would do. Guns are not the issue.

  • Its our right

    We have a right to own them. Guns aren't the issue its the people who own them. If you cant use them responsibly you shouldn't own them but if a person wants one they will find a way to get their hands on one. Guns aren't the issue its the people if were gonna blame guns for all of these tragedies then i guess we should start blaming pencils for misspelled words and your stove for food poisoning

  • I don't think this is an issue!

    Because how are we going to defend ourselves with bananas, no wait with feathers. Lets be worried about Trump being president, or the fact that Obama may get to choose another nominee for the Supreme Court. When the Supreme Court started put there were only six of them to be honest

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