• If the government takes away our guns, how will we fight back!

    In the second amendment in the constitution says that the United States people have the right to bear Arms. " A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." So it's saying that we have the RIGHT to bear arms! Whether it's for personal Defense or if the government tries to take over, (guns) will allow us to overthrow the government if they were to take over. If we had gun control we would not be able to overthrow our government! We would have nothing to fight back with! Our founding fathers made sure to put the second amendment in the constitution so that, "WE THE PEOPLE," would all have fire arms to overthrow the government if or when it takes over. Guns don't kill people , people kill people! If someone were to leave a gun on a table, the gun would not just start firing! It takes a person to pull the trigger! Guns are not the problem, people are.

  • Without Guns The World Is Nothing

    Without guns so many different things would have not been created. Kevlar is a great material that can take impact from a high velocity object. Guns are why the world is so advanced because guns were just one idea that just lead to others. Without guns the entire world would still be fighting with swords and sticks. Guns are what got food on the table and guns are why we were able to rebel from England, and win the World Wars.

  • Criminals don't follow laws.

    The whole point of so called gun control is to keep those who should not have guns from obtaining them. These people would be considered criminals, would they not? I am just curious as to when criminals started following the law. If someone could please inform me that would be great.

  • Anti-Gun control articles make no logical sense

    Over the past week or so, i have read numerous gun control articles, and not one of them made any logical sense. In one article, the author was explaining why guns are the most efficient way to kill. The author said, and i quote, "Knives are lethal in the right hands, but they can only kill one person at a time and have no ability to kill at a distance." (http://theprogressivecynic.Com/debunking-right-wing-talking-points/refuting-gun-enthusiasts-anti-gun-control-arguments/) Yes, knives can only kill one at a time, but knives do have an ability to kill at a distance. They can be thrown. It may seem difficult, but with a good knife, some time, and a tree, one can attain sufficient skill to kill a person with a thrown knife. I could go on and on for days, but I am going to stop here. If you want, go ahead and read the article. It is truly enlightening on how illogical their arguments are.

  • Gun control is bad

    Yes I get the reason why people say gun control is good but if you think about it humans where still harming eachother before guns where invented, guns are used for hunting, and a way of protection if you take away that sense of safety then no family is going to even be happy in there own homes.

  • Gun Control ends in Tyranny.

    If the government controlled guns, what would stop them from controlling us? I mean seriously, if we can't defend ourselves, who is going to trust the government? I certainly wouldn't. Also, if people break the law and kill people, why wouldn't serial killers break the law and get guns? I would much rather have a gun to defend my self in that situation. Gun control won't end murder.

  • 2nd amendment is not outdated

    Though many of the "no" people believe that the 2nd amendment was for the 1800's and not 2000's, the truth is people are still going to harm other people no matter how innocent the other person is. Another thing is that if the average person does not have a gun then they cannot protect themselves when they are threatened. Finally if the average Joe has a gun out in the open where others can see then no one will threaten them as the threat of a gun is in the right hands.

  • Limited Gun Control

    I think that we should be allowed to own guns, but only to a certain point like pistols, rifles, shotguns, and low powered sub-machine guns at most. I don't think we need weapons like rocket launchers and light weight machine guns, just to be able to hunt and protect ourselves from modern day society. Criminals find ways to get illegal guns and i wouldn't want to be on the other side of it without a gun.

  • Criminals don't follow the law

    Who ever said that criminals will stop to think about if the weapon they are using is legal or not. CRIMINALS DON"T FOLLOW THE LAW. Let's say that there are two people, one has a gun legally, and never thought about doing a crime with this weapon, this gun has been registered, so the government knows that it exists. Then there is a criminal who owns a gun, and is probably going to do some crime with it, this gun was bought illegally, because he has a criminal record and legally can't buy a gun. So this gun isn't registered, and the government doesn't know it exists. The government comes to take away all guns. They will only go places where they know that there are guns, so the guy that has a legal, registered gun gets his taken away. While the other guy, who's gun the government doesn't know about. How will the government know to take away his gun, if they don't even know that he has a gun. Even if his gun was registered, he would just go to the black market, and get himself a gun. Now that no one but criminals has guns they can do whatever they want, and there will be no one to stop them.

  • Gun Control Will Not Stop Anybody

    Gun control is supposed to slow and eliminate gun violence, of which the large majority comes from organized groups. These groups, if they really want to kill people, will usually find guns on the black market. You are also punishing everybody who wants guns for legitimate reasons just to slightly slow the bad. Gun control prevents nobody from getting a gun, they just can no longer get them legally.

  • Gun control is good.

    No, I believe gun control is a good thing. Gun control keeps this country safe, and without it, people everywhere would be pulling the trigger. We are safer and still alive because of gun control. Not having gun control would have more criminals walking around with guns and in just a few seconds, able to pull the trigger and kill an innocent man. So I say no, gun control is a good thing.

  • There shouldn't be guns in the first place

    The second amendment was a 18th century law that was for the 18th century. The main arguement is that if i had a gun like at a school and someone attacked, a normal citizen is not trained to be in that kind of situation. He or she might shoot the wrong person or worse, fail and the gunner goes off and kills many more people. Nevertheless, my basis is that there shouldn't be any guns, and if your saying that guns will protect you from the tyranny of the government, well good luck defending yourself from a drone with your assault rifle. Thus, my basis is that guns are not needed in this country. Only about 5% of the country owns guns. Yes, in some rural areas, guns are needed, but the majority of us in this country do not need guns.

  • Guns were designed to kill. ONLY to kill.

    You people are idiots. Imagine if America had NO gun control. Terrorist groups like ISIS, Al Qaeda and Taliban would be all over America, buying guns to export them to other countries or maybe even use them in an attack. Imagine a Paris attack in America where all the terrorists are armed with guns the fucking military should have. You idiots really think your guns will protect you in an attack? You'll be dead before you could even pull it out. Not to mention all the gun accidents and firefights every fucking year. Citizens shouldn't even have guns, we just kill ourselves with them.

  • Gun control is very beneficial to society.

    Gun control is not bad at all because, there should even be anyone having a gun except for the police, for emergency's only. If anyone can get a hold of a gun, then who knows what could happen next. I Don't even think the police needs guns. If no one had guns and the police had tazers, then the U.S. would become a more safer place to live in.

  • It prevents crime.

    The city in the state of Georgia with the least crime is Kennesaw. It is the only city to require every household to have a gun. Just think, if this were applied to cities with high crime rates, such as Detroit, the crime rates would go down tremendously. This would not be possible without gun control. This is probably a different route that you'd expect. I am a democrat. I believe that areas with high crime rates should require every household to own a gun. If everyone owned a gun, burglars would think twice before they tried to break and enter into a house. The Colorado Dark Knight Shooter went to 7 different theaters before he found one that was a gun free zone. No gun-free zone should ever exist. Yes, there should be a proper background check. I once read that a man drove without a license, and became a felon. Then, he joined the military for 20 years. When he retired, he could not own a guy. I think that's bulls***. If you are in the military for 8 years or more, I'd exempt anyone from not being able to buy a gun, provide they are properly evaluated. If every household in the United States was required to own a gun, crime rates would drop significantly.

    Some may say that this is not gun control. What's gun control? It's gun control when the government controls who can and can't have guns.

  • Gun Control is a Good Thing

    In this world, there are so many shootings and if one person is seen with a gun, they can be arrested. It is true that man kills man, not guns. But guns should not be trusted with citizens because they cannot be trusted. Only authority should be trusted with guns

  • Gun Control is not Good

    Last time I checked, murderers didn't follow the law. Taking guns away from law abiding citizens will only make it more dangerous when an armed robber breaks into a house. Also, last time I checked guns didn't kill people, people do. Finally when do you stop? Do you ban knives or muscles because either could hurt someone? Giving the government the power to take away our freedom is NEVER a good idea.

  • Gun control is horrible

    How will people defend them selves from home intrusion. Also you think restricting guns from the public will help crime rates well that statement is wrong and to help prove that the govt. Made drugs illegal and criminals still do it, making guns illegal wont change the fact that criminals will still find a way to get guns. Technology today allows people to make guns at home using home made materials. Lastly the right way to get someone to stop is make it completely legal and ok to have or do for example in Germany they have the autobahn and there's no speed limit on that road yet everyone drives at 50 to 80 mph ... Obviously there will be a person once in a blue moon that will speed at 160 mph or so but not everyone will and that's only because they can. If there is restriction its only going to make people want to do it more. So restricting freedom to guns will only make people want to have guns.

  • Gun control is good if they do it right.

    It's time to give up the toys. No more arguing about being defenseless if you don't have a gun chances are they won't either. I've never heard of stories where someone actually killed someone for murdering a family member. What are you so scared of that makes you need to own a gun?
    It only takes one person to ruin it for everyone and that seems to be the case and point here, except it's more than just one person or incident. There's no need to spout out a bunch of facts that says people with guns kill people, we all know that. It's time for a change and I believe America is a big kid now and can handle this change. Drop the guns, learn to throw knives.

  • Gun control is safer

    I wholeheartedly support gun control because of the positive models set by other countries around the world. In Australia, we have less suicides, less random and otherwise crime and overall less violence. If you take away the guns, there is nothing that you need to defend yourself against and therefore without guns, it will be more peaceful.

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