• Yes, gun control is coming.

    The recent events in Newtown, as well as the movie theater shooting that took place a few months ago, are reminders that there should be stricter laws concerning who is permitted to carry a gun. With gun control comes specific regulations for owning a firearm, which will significantly reduce the amount of people who can have a gun in their possession.

  • Yes, I think it is

    The more common these mass shootings, the more likely that gun control will be a real thing. It is especially likely since more and more information about the positive effect gun control has on murders of this type. That is being shown over and over again, and soon the information will out strip our knee jerk reactions.

  • Some is

    There are no outright bans coming, but I cannot picture this most recent shooting that hit so much harder than any ever has will result in nothing. It'll be a tough battle, the NRA thinks if you can see lightning and hear thunder then you need to have a gun and they will compromise on nothing. Hopefully some cooler heads in the gun toting community will come forward and actually have a serious discussion about this.

  • Gun control within limits

    Illinois has a good system in place with the firearms owner identification card (foid) the IL state police issues the foid card with local police, mental health, agency s having access to the foid system. If a red flag is listed the firearms would then be taken by police. However an outright ban on firearms would start a second american civil war.

  • It's long overdue.

    Gun control is already here. Licenses and permits, and certain types of guns that you simply cannot own if you're not part of law enforcement or the military. And frankly, it's for the best. We need strict gun control now. How many more schools have to get shot up before people realize this?

  • Yes, as we become socialist.

    Yes, gun control is coming, because America is becoming more and more socialist. Guns are what allowed the earliest Americans to launch the revolution against England. With gun control, the government can control the people. With the government wanting more and more power, gun control is on its way. It is unfortunate that the government has so little faith in its own people to own guns responsibly.

  • We Should Expect It

    Given that the United States has a patchwork of different policies on guns and comparable countries, such as the United Kingdom, already has them outlawed, I believe we should expect more gun control laws in the future. There are many people on both sides of this debate and they both have valid points.

  • Gun Control Already Here

    Gun control is already here. Can anyone go out and buy a machine gun? No, those are military property only. Not everyone can own a grenade--again, that's military hardware. Long range artillery and tanks? Those are not allowed to private citizens, either. Civilians can't own silencers and flash suppressors either because those are military property. In short, we already have gun control in this country. We also have background checks to control felons who may want to purchase firearms illegally. Gun control is already here.

  • I said a backdoor gun ban using mental illness was coming

    The national socialists used mental illness to eliminate political enemies of socialism & with the government controlling healthcare/doctors it was easy.

    With the anti-gun Obama regime pushing us closer to a socialist dictatorship we're going to see a huge portion of gun owners lose their rights.

    Most combat veterans have told their doctor that fighting in a war has caused them some form of PTSD but some can be just sleep issues or anxiety but that won't matter with the backdoor gun ban.

    Veterans make up a huge portion of gun owners so what better way to disarm the very men & women we want owning guns than to use PTSD.

    99.9% of veterans with PTSD pose no threat to anyone & millions of combat veterans have owned guns but never hurt or plan to hurt anyone.

    Freedom in the USA has been taken for granted because the majority of people haven't had to do anything to earn it or defend it.

    Obesity kills 400,000 Americans each year but I don't hear Obama wanting to close all you can eat buffets or ban forks/spoons.

  • Backdoor gun ban

    5 Amish school children were killed but the Amish didn't call for gun control. They know bad things happen & more gun laws can't stop criminals or creeps. I have many Amish living near me so I've discussed it with them.

    Where this will become a gun ban is with the mental illness label. Who decides what a mental illness is? ADD? PTSD? Most combat veterans will lose their gun rights if that's the case which makes up a huge portion of gun owners.

    With healthcare being turned over to politicians they will decide who gets treated & how. It won't be long before everyone is labeled with some form of mental illness or another which turns into a gun ban.

    Nobody wants mentally ill folks owning guns but where is the line & who decides it? The national socialists used the mental illness label to eliminate political enemies. I don't trust liberal socialists to do any better.

  • It's nearly impossible to implement

    Congress could pass a law tomorrow banning weapons. How are they going to enforce it? Most military personnel and police would resign and go AWOL. There are so many millions of weapons and rounds in private hands that you couldn't get rid of all weapons. For this reason I don't think you'll see much more gun control in the future in general, except maybe universal background checks.

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