• Gun control saves lives.

    Guns are very dangerous.
    The United States has more gun violence consistently than any other
    country. This is because of a lack of
    gun control. If you look at a country
    like Great Britain, you will see that they have very strict gun control and they
    have very little gun violence. Gun
    control is useful because it saves lives.

  • Yes it is.

    Gun control is useful, it prevents people who should not be using guns from having them and it makes people feel safer when they are around guns so they will not be so quick to panic over nothing causing problems for those around them. It also helps the police track down the right people when needed.

  • It is useful to a certain exstent

    Yes, gun control is useful in its own right. It stops or slows some that may not need to have a gun for being able to purchase one at the spur of the moment. If there were no gun control laws it would probably be more crime. Granted it is not hard to find a gun that is not legal, but is better to have some control than none at all.

  • When hell freezes over

    Criminals don't obey laws. Gun control laws won't stop them from buying assault rifles and killing people. If you want to save people than start at the actual problem and not the scapegoat. Start at something that can be fixed. They don't obey any other laws. What makes people think they will Obey gun control laws?.

  • The real truth

    Do you really think that gun control would solve problems in this country? I agree that there are some stupid people out there who dont know what they are doing with guns and are just plain crazy, but guns dont kill people people kill people. Freedom of guns doesnt make us free from violence

  • Guns are good

    Gun are good because they protect us from intruders and sometimes it can save your life. If you take away guns then how are you going to protect yourself from people that just burge into your house and kill your family members. My advice for the government... Don't take away guns...

  • The Real Truth.

    People say stricter gun control will stop people from buying guns then they are wrong. If they are crazy enough to kill people then they are crazy enough to find a gun. There would be much more violence if they were stricter on guns because there will be theft or there will be more selling without permission. Remember guns don't shot the people behind the gun will shot.

  • For the greater good.

    You are helping the bully, if you have children and they were getting bullied then you would not want to help the bully would you. This is the same concept if someone broke into your house and the police could not get there you would be in trouble. Think about that.

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