• I do believe gun detection would help prevent school shootings.

    Over the past few years, the rise of school shootings have gone up and are becoming more and more threatening. So what are the option to try and ease this situation? As some have suggested I do believe gun detection in American schools should be an active search done everyday. Kids should not have access to guns and if they can prevent it, then do it!

  • Yes, gun detection technology is the best way to prevent school shootings

    Yes, I believe gun technology is the best way to prevent school shootings. There have been more and more shootings over the last few years, and education about gun safety is not helping. We need to have detection technology in place at every school so that children can learn without fear for their lives.

  • Schools all need gun detection technology.

    It is sad that we have to go to these extents, but schools need technology similar to what TSA uses in airports. With the rampant gun crimes in our schools, technology must be used to keep guns from getting into schools. There needs to be other measures too, but this technology needs to be at the top of the list.

  • It wouldn't stop the shooter

    A shooter who goes to school with the detection technology would obviously know about it. The shooter would simply attack while in line for the scanner or outside the building before school starts. Simply knowing that a shooter has a gun doesn't actually stop the shooter from having it. The people manning the scanner would have to be armed in some way if they want to actually stop the shooter.

  • It is not

    While gun detection technology works, it should not be used as the frontline defense for school shootings and should not be the main prevention measure that an entire school's safety relies on. While gun detection technology helps, it is not the best way.

    A more thorough and better way would be to stop the problem at it's root, through methods such as assigning more psychologists and social workers to schools to pick up mental problems and help students before "the volcano erupts". Spotting and helping students with emotional or mental problems is a key way to prevent shootings from happening, since it is emotional or mental problems such as depression or failure concerning romance that brings students to do such things.

    Another way would be to battle bullying more effectively. Bullying also leads to many cases of violence in schools, not only school shootings.

    I believe that the best way to prevent school shootings is through guidance and education. Gun detection and security helps, but cannot solve the problem at its root.

  • No, I dont think that gun detection technology is the best way to prevent school shootings.

    I truly believe that yes, this would HELP to prevent school shootings, but I still don't think it would be the BEST thing to prevent school shootings. Alot of school shootings you hear about are people who don't even attend the school, so while it would help make thes school a secure place, I dont thinhk it would put an end to it.

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