Is gun violence a bigger issue than national security?

  • Yes

    I believe gun violence is a much bigger issue than national security. Recently a masked gunman killed eighteen people at an elementary school in CT. Twelve of those people being young students at the school. Gun violence is a huge issue as children in this nation can not even attend school to become educated without the risk of being harmed.

  • This Is a False Dichotomy

    "Gun violence" that happens within the nation is by definition hurting "national security" by making us all less secure. So, it's not a bigger issue than national security, it's part of it. One could argue about whether it is the most important issue within national security or whether other issues are more important though.

  • Related But No!

    Certainly not. It is a real domestic issue that has implications for national security however, national security is multifaceted and more extensive in scope and consequence. Having said that, pertinent and swift action needs to be taken to mitigate gun violence across States especially because America's inability to deal with it's internal issues of violence invariably weakens it's defense from external threats.

  • No, I think they are equal issues

    Keeping our nation safe from both outside and inside threats is important, and I don't see how one can be considered a bigger issue than another. This is why we tend to spread our attention and tax dollars around--we can handle both issues rather than making this an either/or decision. That is the way of the world.

  • No, National Security is a Much Bigger Issue

    First, you can't inherently separate the two. What is often called "gun violence" is a national security issue to start with (Ft. Hood). Without national security, instead of a crazy doing such things, you'd have organized combatants doing this. National Security is paramount to the security of the Nation.

    Frankly, I wonder what someone means when they say "gun violence"? It seems to be a gun control activist wanting a reason for more gun control.

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