• Sort of yes

    In her own way, Gween Stefany is still popular, she has grown and matured since but still has her own kind of appeal towards the people who were her fans years ago in the first place. Some people are devout fans while others have been driven away but the popularity is still there.

  • Yes, Gwen Stafani is still popular

    Gwen Stefani is still as popular as she was in the 90's. She may not been on television as much as she used to be but one has reason to believe that this may be by choice. Others stars have not come out that could take Gwen Stafani's spot away.

  • No- Gwen Stefani's mainstream sucess is over

    Gwen Stefani, former No Doubt lead singer, still experiences a level of success. She's one of the judges on The Voice and her new relationship with Blake Shelton, has made headlines over the last year.
    In the '90s, she was a voice for the alternative and the counter-culture. She was the gateway into grunge for young listeners. She went solo in the early '00s and her mainstream success skyrocketed. She then took a break and didn't release any music between 2006 and 2016; during this time her fanbase faded away, they found new artists, new styles and left her behind.
    Today, there may be more people who know her name but that doesn't equate to popularity.

  • Not any more

    I don't see her name in the news anymore so I guess her popularity peaked and is now done.There's no reason why she can't make a comeback but it just seems that this era is not for her. Maybe she can reinvent her music and return to the limelight like other musicians.

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