• Gymnastics is a sport

    Gymnastics is a sport because it is in the olympics. Also it requires skill and being in shape physically and mentally. You also have to exercise which is in most sports, or known as conditioning. Its stupid how people think it is not a sport because it is a sport.

  • Gymnastics is a sport

    Gymnastics is a sport! We don't go there 4 hours 5 days a week for nothing. Gymnastics is a very hard and difficult sport using body strength. It is also counted a sport because it is in the Olympics.Whoever thinks that gymnastics isn't a sport hasnt experienced how hard we work. You know in sports you have to train and work. Well you do that in gymnastics. People just don't understand. It's defenilly a sport and most people who say it isn't, don't know what they are talking about. It's a sport sweetie.😑

  • Do your research!

    When people say that gymnastics isn't a sport they are wrong. Nearly every sport you could think of is a Game . Think about it- basketball GAME, football GAME, baseball GAME. Etc. and if you believe that there is no decisive winner in gymnastics you obviously did not do your research. Each gymnast competes with her other fellow gymnasts on a team and all of the teams that came to the meet try to compete for the first place spot. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams are awarded trophies and individual gymnasts are recognized for top scores on each event. That are awarded medals. The judges scoring isn't based on opinion, they have guidelines to follow and carefully analyze the gymnasts performance by deducting points for each mistake. The deductions of points all come from a certain rule book so every score is fair. And to be sure each competitor is given a fair score, there is more than one judge criticizing you. They then split the difference between the scores that they gave you if they got different amounts so the scores are never in favor of certain people. (Also these judges are highly experienced in this sport and they know what they are doing)
    One commonly made misnomer is that gymnasts do not wear uniforms. This is completely untrue. During competition, every team has a distinct leotard that their gymnasts have to wear. These are our "uniforms"

    Lots of people say that gymnastics is "easy" or "not hard" - they are cometely insane!! Instead of having to master only one subject or obstacle/position like in soccer or football, us gymnasts need to perfectly master all 4 events!! On too of that we must have extreme strength, flexibility, balance,endurance, and toughness. On bars we get our skin ripped right off of our hands all the time- and we are used to it! On floor and beam we need to master all kinds of crazy flips while maintaining mental strength and perfect balance. Hundreds and thousands if people are injured or killed doing this sport every year- we are extreme daredevils!. On vault we are sprinting full speed at a stationary object then propelling our entire body weight up and over it and landing perfectly on our feet. If you have watched gymnastics and think that it is easy, hundreds of hours in the gym and tons of hard work all go into making it look completely effortless!!

    SO - the next time you judge gymnastic based on your small knowledge of the sport- think again!! In the scope of everything you know nothing!! Do your homework next time or better yet, join a professional gymnastics team and feel the burn of your arrogance!


    The misunderstood gymnasts

  • Of course its a sport!!

    If it wasn't a sport it wouldn't be so hard to do. Anyway it doesn't even matter about how hard it is! It's in the Olympics, and they only do sports in the Olympics!If you look it up on Wikipedia it says its a sport, a complex sport too! Boys and girls can do gymnastics just like any other sport.So it is a sport!

  • Of course it is

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    Gymnastics is 100% a sport! To all of the people who say gymnastics is not a sport, I can guarantee you that you have never done gymnastics. You don't know how hard gymnastics is. It takes more than hard work. It takes dedication, sacrifice, perseverance, high work ethic, and motivation. When doing skills, if a gymnast sets .0001 of a second too early, they could easily fall and break their neck. A thousandth of a second is enough to determine who wins and who loses, who walks off the floor and who gets carried. Gymnasts practice for 4 hours every day, six days a week. That's 24 hours. Some practice more. Most sports practice one or two nights a week for an hour. The amount of dedication required for gymnastics is higher than for any other sport. After doing gymnastics for 10 years, a gymnast still may not be in the highest level. The difficulty of the skills gymnasts do is so high. We just make it look easy. For example, a kip. Basically the easiest skill out there. It requires upper body strength and strong abs. Any football player could not do a kip, while a gymnast could catch a ball and run down a field. Then, when gymnasts go to compete, they get one chance. In soccer, you get 90 minutes. If you mess up, you can fix it. Your team can fix it. In gymnastics if you mess up, there is nothing you can do. Your team can't help you. You can't just go and score another goal or another touchdown because you only get one shot. And to those who say it isn't a sport because you aren't playing against other people, well you are. Sure, it isn't direct contact, but there is nothing you can do to determine how they compete.Gymnastics is by far the hardest sport out there and gymnasts are some of the best athletes and most well rounded people out there.

  • Im a gymnast

    Gymnastics is 100% a sport. We work hard, we are passionate, it is competitive and its in the Olympics. If you think it is about showing off that is not right at all!!!!!!!!!! If you google "sports" gymnastics will be there, it is also on the top 10 most dangerous and hard sports. I hope this makes you believe me.

  • Gymnastics is a sport

    Gymnastics is definitely a sport. I say that if you can compete than it is a sport. You must be very active to do this sport. I am in level silver but I still go every Saturday. If you learn and compete it is definitely a sport. I believe that gymnastics is a sport!

  • Gymnastics is a sport

    Gymnastics is definitely a sport. I say that if you can compete than it is a sport. You must be very active to do this sport. I am in level silver but I still go every Saturday. If you learn and compete it is definitely a sport. I believe that gymnastics is a sport!

  • Gymnastics is the best sport in the world

    I couldn't believe it when I saw people who didn't think gymnastics was a sport. It is very competitive. Not all sports have to involve a ball or a puck. I'm a level nine gymnast, and gymnastics is my life. I'm there six days a week and five hours each practice. (Yes, even after school.) we gymnasts put so much hard work into each practice.

  • By Definition alone gymnastics is a sport.

    By definition a sport is: an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. There is always a clear cut winner. People say you aren't playing against anyone else when in reality it is you again 30-40 other gymnasts in just your age division. Just like baseball and football players practice to compete against other teams and be the best in their division and the league. Gymnasts practice and compete to be the best in their state, region, nation, and world! If that doesn't constitute a sport I don't know what would.

  • It is NOT a sport

    I mean really? Flips are easy. I did gymnastics for 1 year and I was told I was the best! It is SO Easy. I mean all you do is flips, jumps and do stuff on the beam. Not too hard. You can hardly get hurt. HOCKEY IS MUCH BETTER

  • Gymnastics is not a sport.

    Gymnastics is not a sport sure you work your butts off everyday, but it Is not a sport. Any average person can learn to do anything gymnastics can do in less than a month. All you do is play on the bars,jump into pits, and walk in a straight line on the balance beam. My point gymnastics is not a sport unless DANCE is one.

  • No ball - no sport

    NO BALL - NO SPORT. ITS NOT ABOUT WHAT COMPETITION IS MORE CHALLENGING or has better athletes. It's about how the GAME is played. That is sport.

    It's not about team, judging, competition, preparation, training, etc. I don't know why people get so defensive. The word sport doesn't apply to gymnastics. Get over it.

  • Gymnastics is NOT a sport

    There is no way gymnastics is a sport, first off there is no true winner. You cant "win" at gymnastics, the judge chooses who they think is the best which could vary from judge to judge. Also in this activity there is no defense so you could not really call that a sport. I do understand is is hard and there is many gymnastics teams but again there is no true winner.

  • Gymnastics is not a sport!

    You may think it's a sport but it's not it's a hobbie! Any thing could be called a sport but it's not! There is no winner and not point! It's a talent. You do it for fun, there's never a declared winner! Judges judge but it's a opinion on who they think is the best! Gymnastics is definitly not a spot but a hobbie!

  • Not a sport.

    The definition of sport includes that the activity would have to be competitive. Olympic gymnastics is a sport, because they are competing for medals. Regular gymnastics where you're not competing for anything? Not a sport. Stop saying that just because it's hard its a sport, because you're wrong! Any old physical activity is not a sport. Is running a sport? That's what I thought. Track is a sport because you're competing for times. So get your arguments together and get some sense.

  • No it isn't.

    Gymnastics rewards showing off, while tennis, football, motorsport, etc. don't. It's a competition and you don't get points for looking good.

    A sport is a competition that has a winner, and that does not require anybody besides the set number of competitors, and the absence of foul play as determined by the rules.

    Of course in practice you have referees, but in principle you do not need them. In gymnastics you need people watching, in principle, in order to determine the victor. Therefore it is not a sport.

    One slightly different case is boxing. But it is still a sport. You can win without an audience. Judges decide after 12 rounds sometimes, otherwise we would have a lot more deaths. But again, in principle this is unnecessary.

  • Muscles and workout don't matter

    No, it not a sport and it does not matter if it gives you muscles, a work out, and a sweat but that is no reason to think its a sport, anything can get you in a workout, sweat, or muscles to form so there is no reason that anything could or couldn't be a sport.

  • Not a sport

    No game being played whatsoever, it is a competition/exhibition like boxing, which again, is entertaining and an exhibition, so therefor not a sport. I don't have anything again gymnasts whatsoever, they work their asses off and are incredibly talented and devote many hours into gymnastics. However, although gymnastics is hard, you would have to say that competitive cheerleading is a sport as well, and calling competitive cheerleading a sport is like calling "Dancing With the Stars" a sport.

  • It is not a sport but a difficult athletic event

    Just because it is in the Olympics does not make it a sport. In real sports, there is a defense or an opponent to stop you from achieving a goal. There are many athletic events in the Olympics like running, diving, or figure skating. There are also many past times that people consider sports that are not, for instance golf, fishing, or NASCAR.

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Anonymous says2013-04-16T19:09:06.363
Yup I'm not really a sport type of person but I would love to do gymnastics.
theaniyahpresscott says2016-01-28T15:12:33.873
Gymnastics is a sport its in the Olympics and it keeps you healthy come on do the math its a package all in one.