• Depends on the area.

    Say for instance in sports there is clearly a distinction between a "Starter" and a "Bench Player." Starters are your ideal players or the best players you have available on the roster. The Bench player is on the bench because he/she is not good enough athletically or skill wise compared to the Starter. Some people are naturally better at certain things than others while other people may have to work at it more.

  • Some Individuals are Superior

    Some individuals are most definitely superior than others. However, it depends on what we define as "superior". For example if we define extreme physical strength as superior, that group would be much different than a superior group defined as extreme intellect. Or a superior individual might be defined as having both superior physical and intellectual abilities. But overall there are definitely individuals that are superior than others in abilities, that should not even be debated.

  • No real way of knowing.

    Sure there are people that can do things better than other people but are they really superior. It is easy to learn how to do things and be able to pick things up quickly and comprehend things but most of the people that are superior in these things are inferior when it comes to human emotion and compassion which are two attributes that truly make somebody superior. Caring and understanding is all that matters.

  • There are no one person superior over another

    There is no one man superior to another. This is just an argument used by some in our society to maintain dominance over the underclass and those less fortunate. We are born into a social hierarchy that can be overcome by hard work, determination and a little bit of luck. H.L. Mencken was born in Maryland to a cigar factory owner. He was also a German descendant who sympathized with the Nazis, so there is no surprise that his views were for the dominant, wealthy upper class.

  • H.L. Mencken was somewhat correct.

    Despite H.L. Mencken's racism, Nazi sympathies, and ignorant ideas, he was somewhat right in saying that there are superior individuals. Some people are clearly more intelligent and capable than others, but that doesn't really matter. In the end the question is not whether there are "superior" people, but rather, how do you tell what is "superior" and what is not.

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