• Habeas Corpus is a good idea.

    Habeas Corpus removes the power of the police to do anything they want. A judge must be involved in order for the state to continue to hold a person for a crime or any other reason. This is a great idea in terms of justice. However, there are some times when Habeas Corpus is not a good idea, like when there are more cases than courts.

  • Free from tyranny.

    Yes, I think that Habeas corpus is a good idea, because without it, law enforcement can just arrest people whenever they want to and hold them without cause for an indeterminate period of time. People should always be able to be taken before a judge and asked if what law enforcement is doing is justified.

  • Yes, I think Habeas Corpus is a good idea.

    Overall I believe that Habeas Corpus is a hallmark symbol of our justice system, I believe that Habeas Corpus is something that separates our system of justice for many others since it gives the accused a dignified series of rights that give them a fair shot at not incriminating themselves.

  • Yes, Habeas corpus is a good idea

    I believe that Habeus corpus is a good idea. I think that it is a policy that ensures a person suspected of a crime is able to get a fair evaluation before a trial is set. I think it is important to see that a person is being fairly detained.

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